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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of April 3, 2004

The CTLA meeting was hosted by Follett Books at the Orozco Elem/Middle School, 1940 W. 18th Street, Chicago. The principal of the school welcomed us and gave us a brief biography of herself and the history of her school.

Steve, Wayne and David, Follett representatives presented phonics base reading programs: "Sand Castle", an early literacy program developed by ABDO Publishing Company and distributed by Follett Library Resources. It is for Grades K-3. It incorporates all 5 components of effective reading instruction recommended by the National Reading Panel for No Child Left Behind and Reading First materials. We examined many books and were given information on their Science and Social Studies A/V materials. We received instructions on how to use Titlewave.

Follett Library Resources has the K-12 curriculum-related audiovisual materials you need. A Collection Development Search in Titlewave will assist you in targeting specific subjects/keywords, grade levels, copyright years, Dewey ranges, classifications, and more. Also, Titlewave lists can be reviewed by librarians and teachers simultaneously. For a demonstration of how to search A/V on Titlewave, contact your Account Manager at 888-511-5114. Extension 164 takes you to Titlewave.

You may purchase their paperbacks with a waiver through Follett. The paperbacks may be used to implement in your school and kept in the library. They may complement the current program and they come in six packs. Follett never charges shipment and handling fees for these materials. It is the #1 K-12 book vender in the country. Out of stock usually means out of print. They intend to be an for educators, which means that Follett's book list is better than Amazon's. To purchase from Follett, money can be gotten from some budget liness or non-CPS Board budget line money each school is allowed to use. Money may come from your PTA donation. This is a way to get around spending all moneys with Baker and Taylor. The goal is to get books into the library and to get the ones you ordered. Document and share problems/concerns with your principal.

Caroline Crimi has written, "You don't need friends", "Boris and Bella", and "Get Busy Beaver!" She uses her diary to get story ideas. To get more information visit her web site at

Ann Adams announced that a correspondent secretary is needed on the CTLA Board. All other officers will remain the same. Make reservations for our next dinner meeting and bring a friend. The dinner meeting will be at the Three Happiness Restaurant in Chinatown, 2130 S. Wentworth from 11:00am -2:00pm.

Connie Amon, Orozco teacher-librarian, gave a brief statement on how her library was organized and how money was acquired for it.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary