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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of April 30, 2005

Vera Bunting opened the CTLA meeting. Follett Library Resources and Joan Gerig, teacher-librarian, were thanked for hosting the meeting at Providence-St. Mel High School, located 119 Central Park Ave, Chicago IL.

A continental breakfast was served. Follett demonstrated the most utilized collection development and weeding tool ever created for librarians. We saw how we could order books and A/V titles from FLR on-line. We were shown how FLR could save us time and money when ordering. We were also given a special production by the Marionette troupe Roberts Marionettes. Please contact Wayne (x731), David (x741) or Steve (x709) if you have any questions concerning FLR's many products and free services at 1-800-511-5114.

It was suggested that our retirees who notified CTLA too late to be included in the May retirement ceremony with gifts should be honored in December. Another suggestion was that the gifts should be ordered now and forwarded to the retirees if they do not arrive on time for May, so all retirees my participate in the May ceremony. The second suggestion was agreed on. Retirees as well as our membership update will be on our web site at www.ctla org.

Mary Fashing gave a history moment by suggesting that a committee could be formed to study the curriculum and State Standards.

Woodra Scott from the Department of Libraries stated that if you have not received your book orders, cancel the order. You can get another waiver. Make sure you include the cost of processing in your order. Visit the Purchasing Department website to link to vendor websites. Use the websites the Department has called iPurchase. If iPurchasse is not used, money is not properly encumbered. Call the Department to get trial user names and passwords to view venders sites. Woodra also presented the calendar of upcoming events and asked for volunteers to call the department for information. We have two new area librarians. Handouts from Professional Development day were given to those who did not attend that day.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary