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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of April 22, 2006

APTE INC. at the Kendall College and Tom Snyder hosted the CTLA April meeting.  Kendall College is truly an amazing place located at 900 N. Branch Street, Chicago Ill. 60622.  At the breakfast, APTE was offering special pricing on both their digital cameras and photo/literacy software to members of CTLA good until the end of this school year.  APTE software has been designed by experienced special education teachers and has received major national awards.  It conforms to CPS language arts and technology standards and is bilingual in English and Spanish. Visit APTE at if you are looking for ways to motivate your students to be better readers and writers and you can't beat APTE's photo/literacy software.  When students use their own pictures and their own words to create stories, journals, reports and newsletters, they are 100% engaged in the creative process.  APTE is women-owned business and located in Chicago.  Email if you need support, technical training or would like a product demonstration.

In addition, Arlene Steele, Senior Territory Manager for Tom Synder Productions (a Scholastic Company), showcased Tom Synder software products, such as Scholastic Keys, Fast Math, and Thinking Reader. Her e-mail contact is:

The president of Kendall College, Howard A. Tullman, opened the meeting with greeting and invited us to take a tour of the College grounds after the meeting with him as the tour guide, including his new EarthWorks and Exchange City projects for kids designed by Experencia.  He gave us information about the college.  Kendall’s goal is to develop well-rounded professionals—leaders who can inspire others, demonstrate superlative skills, and operate successfully in challenging environments. They have the unique ability to combine the worlds of academia and real-world experience through a rich curriculum, immerse learning techniques, and intensive internships.  Kendall College provides: Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts programs internationally recognized. It is both a local college campus and an active part of a global community. It has state-of-the-art facilities.  Their distinguished faculty gives personal attention to students by having a student-to-faculty ratio which enables the students to study in a small class environment and work one-on-one with the faculty.

Treasurer reported an ending balance of $4,259.46.  Marge Fashing history moment was on poetry.  We were reminded that people are needed to volunteer to do things.  Be a CTLA officer and volunteer for a position listed on our website. At one time there was no website.  Thanks Charlie Gunn for the website! There is a website for us where we may get a request for poetry to put on display and collaborate with the teachers.  The title of the poetry book presented was "A Kick in the Head".  Our website is updated each month with minutes, treasurer report, membership, and suggestions are welcome.  CTLA was originally sponsored in the "40's" by the Board.

Talk to Irish if you are retiring next month and let the Department of Libraries know.

The 100 libraries were not funded.  Only ten positions will be open this summer for librarians in summer school positions.

The Chicago Public Library is co-sponsored with the University of Chicago to present the 2006 Zena Sutherlalnd lecture by Jacqueline Woodson, author of "How Do I Come Home Again?"  This will be May 5, at the Harold Washington Library, 400 South State Street. It will be 7:30 PM. with a reception immediately following the lecture.  Tickets are $10.00 in advance.  For more information call 1(312) 747-4780.

The library learning community meeting will take place this week. 

The High School Mayor Daley's Book Club conference will take place is May 13th.  They are doing a pilot Battle of the Books on June 10th and seek volunteers.

Links-to-Literarcy culminating events of the year will be May 25th.

Vicki Chikow from Usborne Books, responded to Marge and Charlie’s comments.  Her colleagues are shocked to hear that there is a group of librarians, the CTLA, not beholden to any larger group-- a group who can make up what they want to be. So make the most of it.

Cathy Russel gave information on obtaining National Board Certification.  You may visit the web site at for more information.  She stated that National Board Certification raises our status and that people need to know that we are teachers.  We make the extenuation to home and public libraries.  We need to promote ourselves. Down load the standards and see where you are plug. You are doing the standards.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary