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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of April 13, 2007

Our April meeting was hosted by Santillana USA at the Double Tree Resort located at 1909 Spring Road in Oak Brook. Ms. Trina K. Martinez is the National Marketing Manager of Children’s Literature and Grants. We had a full restaurant dinner along with the featured speaker, Ms F. Isabel Campoy. Alma Flor Ada was unable to attend.

Irish, our president, reminded us that the CTLA is a wonderful organization and that we should see Charlie Gunn with our $10.00 membership fee, which is good for a year. She thanked the members and non-members for signing in and briefed us on our February meeting agenda in which we had an open discussion on making changes in our charter or by-laws. We voted on specific suggestions for the future CTLA: ideas for membership and changes for dues. We were given an opportunity to write additional comments at the bottom of our ballot and were allowed to voice our opinion. We discussed vendors and their participation in our meetings. It was mentioned that the vendors have an organization that met on a regular basis and that they would like to have more communication between their group and ours to update each other on various issues with CPS. They may go on-line and give newsletters. With matching grants coming up we may be able to get special deals. CTLA has an honorary office position for the Department of Libraries. Paul holds this honorary position. We are by charter not a CPS organization. They work with us. Our executive board votes on things that are important to our organization and we want our librarians to be present. Officers were nominated for our upcoming school year to be inaugurated at our next meeting. We talked about having meetings to get committees going as mentioned in Article V, section 2. "Standing committees are appointed by the president with the approval of the executive board." A copy of Articles: III, V, & VI were distributed. Mary has agreed to be our next president and Ann Culverson agreed to be nominated as Vice President. Names of retirees were requested. Woodra Scott and Melba Samuels will be retiring from the Department of Libraries. If you are interested in this position, you may apply.

F. Isabel Campoy spoke and showed book covers on an overhead projector of many of her and Alma Flor Ada's books. In addition, Ms. Campoy shared the purpose and background of each book. She and Alma are the well-known author of numerous children’s books in the areas of poetry, theatre, folktales, biographies, and art. Ms. Campoy is also a researcher and author of several books on the culture and civilization of the Hispanic world.  As songwriter and storyteller, Isabel’s goal is to provide children the key to interpreting the world in a fun, challenging and affirming way. Born in Alicante, Spain, Isabel traveled at the age of 16 to the United States where she lived in Trenton, Michigan. Years later she moved to the United States, where she has lived in Los Angeles and Boston. Currently, she lives in San Francisco.

Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy developed a collection of 24 multicultural dual-language books that motivates students to read and learn about important holidays celebrated in the United States through amazing stories and twin non-fiction selections in each book K-3rd grades. Santillana also presented a cataloged of literature for classrooms in Spanish and English PreK -12th grades. For more information visit or call toll free 800-245-8584.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary