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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of April 5, 2008

We had two great companies host the meeting. Across the Globe Learning Resources for Kids and EDC Educational Services provided us with a delicious breakfast at Marcello’s Restaurant, located 645 W. North Avenue, Chicago.

Viki Chikow opened the meeting. She reminded us that we might use a waiver to purchase Usborne Books from EDC Educational Services. Waivers are used for vendors not on the approved list. She had new titles on display. Usborne has 1300 titles, PK-8th grades. The reading level is strong for 1st-5th grade. Their non-fiction books are in story form. They combine facts with story telling. Usborne does book fairs for you and have reading incentive programs all year round. Its catalog includes hundreds of "Internet-linked" books, providing thousands of safe Internet research and activity sites for children. They have a matching grant program titled "Literacy for a Lifetime". They do presentations to teachers and parents. You may earn a CPDU. For more information call Viki at 773-588-0154 or visit Viki is still working on writing a book about what makes grieving a friend a unique experience. She would like for you to consider sharing your experiences with her.

Jean Velvikis gave a presentation on Across the Glove Learning Resources. They offer over 1500 dual language books printed in both English and any one of 47 world languages. They have software, games and posters to foster creativity and imagination. Students learning English for the first time and English-speakers studying an additional language or new culture may use these. These books are illustrated and tell fables, folk tales and contemporary stories originating in their own country. This is the only publisher that offers many different languages. For more information call Jean at 773- 503-0376 or visit She has put together a toolkit that get parents interested in helping kids that you may also be interested in.


Viki gave out raffle and book prizes.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary