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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of December 15, 2001

This meeting was held at the the Top of the Plaza Room in the Doral Plaza at 151 N. Michigan, Chicago. It began with a breakfast at 8:45 and lasted until noon. Our hostess was Maureen Arthur of Demco Books.

The minutes of November's meeting were accepted with the following correction. A librarian is needed at the new National Teachers Academy. It is at Cermak and Federal Streets. The school will be opening Fall 2002.

Patricia Dempsey, president, opened the meeting at 9:45. She is the coordinator for links-to-literacy for region one. She explained a little about this program and requested that schools in any region contact her for further information or to sign up for this incentive program.
Please RSVP to our vendors.

Patricia Bray gave a brief report on the collaboration conference that she and Fely Dayao attended this summer. Eight schools in the state were invited to this conference. It is most important to have many reading materials. Her school is beginning a principal's reading club for Kdgn. The reading coordinator has received donations of books and some are given to the library. Communication between classroom teachers and librarian are essential for collaboration to work. It is best with flex scheduling, but it can be implemented with fixed scheduling. It takes more effort and is worth it because students benefit when they find a relationship between library and learning.

Marge Fashing is a member of the ISLMA nominating committee. Information about ISMLA can be accessed through

Region librarians present were: Melva Samuels, Gwen Hillary and Barbara Fields. Melva Samuels reported to us. To clear up a misunderstanding: The Board does not dictate a specific library automation system. Schools do have a choice of Athena, Follett or Winnebago.
Judy Freeman, reading specialist, will be at Medill on Dec. 19 and 20 for all day conferences. It is worthwhile if you can attend.
Training for those who are facilitating the K-3 classroom libraries will be on Jan. 8, 9, 10, 11. The meetings will be between the hours of 3-5 and each person should attend one of these meetings. Contact Follett if there are any problems with any books in the collections.
"Grant" money for the library card campaigns with be transferred to local schools soon.
Maureen Arthur of Demco told us that we have free shipping for 2001 and 22% discount on books purchased. Demco and Turtleback books are 100% guaranteed. Often Heinneman books are in publishers' bindings when they first come out. She held a drawing of names for prizes.

Rita Dawkins shared two holiday stories with us. Really Truly Riley (a night before Christmas story) and Holy Night (from the Christmas Classics). Her storytelling has become a holiday tradition that is so much appreciated. A gift was presented to her.

Our next meeting will be held On January 12th.

Respectfully Submitted,
Patricia Bray
Recording Secretary