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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of December 2, 2004

The meeting was held at the Mabel Library of CPL, located 6 South Hoyne, Chicago.  The CTLA president, Vera Vasudevan-Bunting, opened the meeting.  She announced that Children Plus will sponsor our next meeting.  The Dusable Museum will have a special program at that meeting.

Vera’s mother passed and our prayers are with her.  Joan, our correspondent secretary, made arrangements for this meeting at the Mabel Manning Library.  It is a host for any one who wants it.  Joan honored us with a special tribute to the library.  She gave a brief history of Mabel Manning and the library in the community.  She emphasize that the library was more important to the community than the stadium which was built near it.

Vera gave us a web site that would encourage literature:  This promotes literacy for boys.  100 dresses is a Horn book publication and make a wonderful spring board for discussions to apply to your own teaching.  People wanting Dr. Ann Weeks may reach her at  Encourage children to read.  Vera’s current email is

The treasurer reported a current balance of $4,092.52.

Gail Matonic came to share with us an art project based lesson at the end of our meeting.  The meeting was turned over to our host, Perma-Bound representatives.  They shared what was going on in their company and would like for you to call to get quotes on various books.  We were all given a poster and the book title "Polar Express" which is now shown in a new wave of creating movies in the future.  We had a drawing for various gifts.  PermaBound has a sizable Spanish collection and a good technology collection to coordinate with the classroom teachers.  Try to get on the local school council and collaborate with the teachers.

Rita Dawkins gave an oral reading of the story "Polar Express" with great spirit.

Gail gave a reading of the poem "Stranger in the Woods".  She then gave her pop-up card art activity.

Charlie Gunn reported that current information on the CTLA membership can be gotten from this website.

Our own Ann Adams appeared on the Opra Winfred Show titled Calling All Teachers.  This turned out to be her holiday "My Favorite Things" show.  Ann shared her experience with us. You may email Oprah at

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary