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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of December 2, 2006

The December CTLA meeting was hosted by Perma-Bond. Representatives, Ione Graves and Turk Glazebrook started this monthe of festivities by joining our fellow members at the Parthenon Restaurant, located in Greek Town at 314 S. Halsted, Chicago.  Free valet parking was available.  We enjoyed a Greek family style meal at 11:00 am and celebrated 50 years of the "Cat In The Hat".  Goody bags and great prizes were given to everyone.  Perma-Bound is back as CPS approved vendor and look forward to working with the teacher-librarians.  Give them 5 minutes of your time to let them show you all Perma-Bound have to offer and they will send you 5 books of your choice.

We started with our business meeting and afterwards we had a fabulous presentation from our hostess.  Maude read the minutes.  Eddie, the treasurer reported $550.00 membership added and a few disbursements last month, which she will email to Charlie to be placed on our web site.  At our last meeting a number of college students joined us from Chicago State University and maybe some from Dominican.  Mary, our vice president is looking for suggestions for holding the retirement luncheon in May.  Ann passed out our former retirement favors to all those who attended.  New members in attendance were recognized.  Our Historian, Marge Fashing, gave our history moment to be placed on our CTLA web page.  All the past presidents are listed there from 1974 on.  Please give information to Marge for those presidents before l974 to be added.  The CTLA started in the 1930's when it was called the Chicago Library Glove.  Buried in your library may be a picture book copyright 1970 which has riddle questions to answer:  "If you were a character of this nursery rhyme, what would do?"  The title "The Giraffe that Walked to Paris" by Nancy Milton may be purchased on Amazon for $34.50.  It is out-of-print.  When you weed, go on-line and check what you are throwing away. Christmas purchases were on sale after the meeting.  Charlie reminded us to go to for updated information.  Eddie had membership application for those wishing to join.  A list of past presidents will also be kept on our web site.

Announcements:  Part time library position is available at Horse Mann.  Call the school.  Mary Fuller is looking for help with renewal of certificates for retired teachers.  Retired teachers are not required to renew with CPDUs.  Just go on-line and enter your certificate number.  File the letter of insurance found on the web site.  Monday was the deadline of your library card drive.  Friday the 8th was the deadline for the matching grant.  The date for the Best of the Best at the Chicago Public Library is February 7th & 8th, the first Tuesday and Wednesday in February.  Information is available on the CPL web site.  If we do not hear from you by April 1, we will not be able to include you as an honorary retiree. 

Ione and Turk, our hosts did not give a presentation.  They gave raffle prizes for books, gifts and table items.  They were delighted to be back as our vendor to serve us.  Call 773-525-6122 or visit turkglazebrook  We were given a bag with catalogs and the 50th anniversery issue of Cat in the Hat". See your school clerk for your special bonus of $50.00 for instructional materials.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary