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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of December 15, 2007

Our CTLA meeting was opened by our Vice President, Annie Culverson. Maureen Arthur and Gerry Torrence of Heinemann Raintree Library hosted the meeting. We enjoyed a delicious holiday breakfast and a new book presentation at the Marriott Hotel located 625 S. Ashland in Chicago. Books were provided for high and low readers, K-9th grade. They had all non-fiction books in both Spanish and English aligned to state standards.

Edie, our treasurer reported an ending balance of $4,578.77 as of December 30th. Charlie gave the membership report and reminded us to visit for updated information. He stated that if we apply for membership on-line, we should also pay on-line. The membership is $10.00. Contact him if there is any problem. Marge Fashing's history moment as well as the CTLA minutes and treasurer's report may be found on our website. If you have a list of items to donate, contact Charlie to put it on tour website. Ann Adams attended the ISLMA conference in November. She found the workshop "Integrating School Curriculum into Your Library" to have very helpful subject matter activities. She also found the workshops "Is Library for Special Needs Students an Oxymoron?" and "Exciting New Books for Grades 5- 8" to be very useful. Ann read a thank you card sent by Pat Knazze for making her retirement special. Gail Evans is having a retirement party January 20, 2008.

Marge Fashing's History Moment reminded us of how well Rita Dawkins read holiday stories to us. Marge read a story titled December 24th by Denys Cozet. She reminded us to look at those out-of-print books before weeding.

Gerry Terrence provides workshops for parents. Email him at He can also design your library and provide library furniture. Gerry and Maureen are CPS vendors and offer free shipping and processing fees for the Heimannn books purchases. Christie Thomas has been hired by the Department as a consultant for district-wide library automation. She will do a survey to pick schools for a pilot program using Spectrum, with 15 already automated and 15 with no automation. Charlie mentioned that there are open source databases for bibliographic records (ie. MARC format) for books, DVDs and CDs, such as the Library of Congress and He also mentioned a very affordable and innovative library automation program called BookPedia for Mac only along with DVDpedia, CDpedia, and Gamepedia.

The meeting ended with a raffle drawing of various gift items.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary