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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of February 8, 2003

Rigby and Steck-Vaughn hosted the CTLA meeting. Jennifer Yarberry, the Chicago representative, provided a continental breakfast, conversation and a browse book display. The meeting was held at Medill Training Center, Room 309, 14th Place & Loomis.

Officers and Cathy Ruszel, President, gave CTLA reports. Edie Sokolnicki gave the treasurer's report. The membership was 188 and was given by Charlie Gunn. The CTLA website can be checked for updates on membership at Idea Exchange consists of fun activities and African–American Stories.

The Region Librarians and Kathy Ryan, Director, gave updates from the Department of Libraries: Jackie Crook stated that library card campaign letters were sent this week and that the money is on-line. For the matching grants you must attend February 18th meeting. The CPL Best of the Best list is available from the department of libraries. The department of libraries is working on developing in-service for March 28, staff development day. Laura Bush Grant is due February 28th. The AV Department is still active for videos: see Charlie. Marge Fashing gave the History Moment. She presented the old official library curriculum guide. She mentioned that under Kathy Ryan’s encouragement a grass roots curriculum committee is started. Let Marge Fashing know if you are interested.

The Keynote Presentation: "Comprehension: Strategies for Instruction" was presented by Betty Crites, Great Lakes Regional Consultant for Rigby and Steck-Vaughn. Jennifer Yarberry gave closing comments and book give-away. She is the Chicago representative for Rigby and Steck-Vaughn.

We had our Penny Auction. It is a CTLA tradition honoring Lincoln and his birthday. The auction included new award-winning hardcover books, plus many treasures from our fellow librarians. We brought many unwanted materials to donate to the auction that others can use. Each chance costs 1 penny, so we brought our pennies, nickels, dimes, etc. and left with a treasure or two.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary