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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of February 21, 2004

The Rainbow Book Company hosted the CTLA meeting.  It was held at the National Teachers Academy at 55 West Cermack Road.  Chicago Teachers Union report was given by our union representative.  They featured books not available from Baker and Taylor.  Waiver forms provided.

Ms. Denis Graham Zahn, author, gave a review of her new book ”Legend of the Twenty-First North Pole Santa".  This is the Christmas story that all who believes has been waiting for because it answers the question all believing children inevitably ask: How does Santa deliver presents all over the world in one night?”  For more information visit her web site at

Glennett Telley Turner, the author of the Underground Railroad in Illinois, presented a review of this book.  She reviewed her new paperback books: "Journeys of Courage on the Underground Railroad"  and "Jetty’s Journey to Freedom".  Various members of the CTLA demonstrated how this game is done.  Other activities were handed out that could be used in the class room.  We were able to view and purchase these items.

A number of the publishers filled a freedom of information act with the Board of Education.  It was led by Ion Grose of Perma Bound.  Publishers feel that the librarians should have the right to choose whom they wish to purchase from.  A waiver may be gotten if books can not be supplied by Baker and Taylor.

Mickey Simmons thank every one for inviting them.  He will not fight the decisions made by those above and wish to have a good relationship with people.  It doesn’t matter what you are willing to spend with what you have.  He will continue to do what he can to have done in the pass and will continue to make donations of books. 

Marge Fashing gave the history moment on Reading Guidance core of the school.  The staff met in the library.  It was supporting program for the Reading Guidance core.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary