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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of February 16, 2008

Our CTLA meeting was held at the Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez School’s lunchroom. It is located 3000 S. Lawndale Avenue, Chicago, IL. Mary Hebda is the school’s librarian. She provided a delicious Mexican breakfast for us. Irish, Cathy, Dorsey, and Marge gave a presentation with a question & answer period on pursuing the National Board Certification in library media. They have gone through the process and enjoyed it. They stated that you need a support group and you need to inject the teaching standards in your writing. You must write in first person. Make a video of your teaching method in a classroom setting. Show the parent connection through a communication log. Collaborative along with other teacher. These suggestions will help you be an accomplished teacher. You have taught in the field for the past three years. CPDU’s were available for this presentation.

Christie Thomas is a CPS consultant for the library automation project. She provided very useful information on the five year city-wide project to automate all of the Chicago Public School libraries. There will be thirty schools in this year’s pilot program chosen by survey. The integrated library system is centralized and web-based with cross data based searching. Its content will be: book covers, reviews, full MARC records, standards, and teacher-selected web sites. She accepted questions and answers from the members. Next year, about 200 schools will be phased in and then about 125 each subsequent year.

Merril Stegall from the Department of Libraries reminded us to submit the matching grant final report by March 14th. The absolute final deadline is May 1st or else you will be disqualified and unable to received money for next year. March 14-15 is Male Call at the Holmes Student Center of Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois. This is a workshop on boys' connection to books. There will be Library Learning Community (LLC) meetings for the area libraries 16, 17, and 18 at the end of February, and the other area libraries will have their meetings the last week of March or early April. On April 1, please come out to Links to Literacy at Medill. On the professional development day of April 11, all CPS librarians will be invited to Medill. Elementary Battle of the Books will be at the DuSable Campus on April 26– volunteers are needed. Please see the Department's calendar on their website.

We had our February penny auction led by Marge Fashing in honor of Lincoln and his birthday. Marge Fashing history moment reminded us that many professional librarians were given an award. It is time for us to think about doing it again. If you are retiring, let us know.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary