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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of February 28, 2009

President Annie Culverson called to order the meeting at 10am.  Our meeting was held in the library at Crane Tech Prep Common High School, 2245 W. Jackson Blvd. and hosted by their media specialist and CTLA member, Irish Leo-Bain. Irish provided a deluxe breakfast buffet from Panera Bread. The minutes were read from January, and the reference about the Northern Illinois Children’s Literature Conference was clarified-- Vera Bunting handed out brochures about the event on March 12-13 in Dekalb, IL. Edie Sokolnicki reported an account balance of $5,122.34 and Charles Gunn reported a current membership of 172. He reminded us that our $10 dues demonstrate professional support for our field and that each meeting pays for itself in benefits.

Dorsey Chambers gave the Department of Libraries (DLIS) report. She is coordinating the Elementary Battle of the Books (EBOB) 2009 event on Saturday, April 18 at Chicago Vocational Career Academy at 2100 E. 87th Street. Please check the Department's WikiSpace for all the details or call Dorsey at 553-6218! Volunteers are needed, which is a great opportunity to learn about the event and see all the action involving 136 schools! Lee Saulter has received a promotion, so the Purchasing Department will assign a new service rep. for library book order processing. The Department announced that 195 out of the 220 applicants received matching grants of either $3000 or $5000. All schools have been notified and funds have been loaded into school budget lines. For details about the Grant, please go to the Department's website. The "Library Learning Community" Spring meetings for each Area will be during the end of March. A main topic of the meetings will be the Department's new "Library Learning Standards", which are adapted from the AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner, which are downloadable. Those standards list 100 benchmarks for grades 3, 5, and 8, and the Department spread out those 300 standards K-8 and include additional indicators. Dorsey announced an all-day professional development day on March 27 from 8:30 to 2:45 at Little Village Lawndale High School Campus at 3120 S. Kostner Ave. A continental breakfast and box lunch will be provided. Speakers are Cassandra Barnett, AASL President-Elect, who will discuss the new Standards, and Bernajean Porter, technology consultant for DigiTales, who will discuss digital storytelling and documentaries.

Annie Culverson shared the good news about the Matching Grant winners, and asked any recipients to stand up! She also complimented the Battle of the Books event and said she enthusiastically volunteered last year!

Marge Fashing reminded us that the ALA Annual Conference will be in Chicago from July 9-15 at McCormick Place West. She found a book titled: The Library Book Cart Precision Drill Team Manual. She wants to organize a local book cart parade to welcome all the visiting librarians.

Irish Leo-Bain introduced her principal, Richard Smith, Jr., who is in his second year and made special arrangements to visit our meeting. He has pledged his full support to the library and provided $10,000 above and beyond all other grants and funding. Edie presented Irish with a check for $150 to her library and a thank you for hosting our meeting. Irish showcased her library layout and school resources, such as a paperback exchange rack, a Resource Corner for staff, and plenty of copies of Reader's Digest for free distribution to all. Irish does not impose late fines, however, all books are due by end of May, or books will be charged to students just like lost textbooks. Irish has a coin copier for 10¢ each, but students are allowed to print for free if approved. On May 20, her library automation will upgrade from Follett to the new CPS' The Library Company system-wide product. Then, Irish handed out a help sheet called "Showcasing Our Students in Second Life". is a 3-D virtual world created by its Residents, called avatars. She recommends first-time users start at Orientation Island. She said there is a great search engine to find your way around to different areas. The CPS Department of Libaries Professional Library has a strong presence as led by Professional Librarian Lisa Perez. Irish was part of a CPS project to showcase student work, and her former school was chosen as one of 15 schools given a room in the CPS facility. Irish also showcased other professional organizations, such as ISTE, or museums, such as International Spaceflight Museum, or landmarks, such as Lincoln's Tomb, or universities, such as Princeton.

Finally, Marge Fashing conducted our annual Penny Auction that featured hundreds of treasures available with 1¢ raffle tickets per chance. In addition, everyone got a chance at winning last year's kitty over $28. Marge thanks everyone, especially June Andalcio, for their help and contributions!

Respectfully Submitted,
Charles Gunn
Substitute Recording Secretary