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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of January 12, 2002

This meeting was held at Quality Inn at Halsted and Madison in Chicago. It began with a breakfast at 9:00 and lasted until noon. Our host vendor was Rainbow Books represented by Mark, Mike and David Sherman and Mickey Simmons.

Patricia Dempsey, president, opened the meeting at 10:00.

The minutes of December's meeting were accepted.

Edie Sokolnicki reported that we have $5,395.83 in our account. Last month $75 check was given to Rita Dawkins as a gift for presenting Holiday Stories at the December meeting.

Charlie Gunn reported that we have 180 members.

Ideas for lesson plans and flex scheduling on a table for us to take and use. Nancy Volkman, of Norwood Park School gave us an academic packet that she was asked to write by her principal. It follows the Information Literacy Guidelines for K-8 students in library (a very useful tool, is my editorial comment). Kudos to Nancy: She was quoted in the Jan. issue of the American Library Journal in an article "The Future of the School Library". The was presented at AASL in Nov. at a conference discussion of "Libraries before, learning power and beyond".

Jackie McQueen gave us ideas on the underground railroad.

Librarians are required to inservice their primary teachers who received classroom collections of books. This must be before Feb. 1, 2002. Link on the home page of the CPS website to refer to the power point presentation.

In the Jan. 2002 issue of Librarian Talk Vera Bunting provides a check list information on websites. It is important to note when it was last updated, who does it and where it is from to determine if the information given is acceptable.

The Chicago Tribune (Jan. 2, 2002) printed an article in which Jones Academic High School's librarian, Ms. Anderson, is quoted "learning never stops for the librarian."

On Jan. 26th there is a workshop at the Children's Museum. The title is "Keep Chicago Beautiful" about recycling.

Rainbow Books presentation included readings of humorous poetry by Steve Rideout from his collection Don't Go Up A Windmill.
Rainbow Books guarantee their covers for the life of the book. They represent 25 publishers buying in large quantity the newest titles from each publisher. These books are always in stock. Books are brought to the school so that you can see them before you order. Print outs of entire orders are given to you. One line entry orders are printed for you to give to your clerk. Free shipping and processing is given to all Chicago school. Most of the books are accelerated reader titles. For every 50 titles, Rainbow gives you a voucher for $30 toward the purchase of a custom disk for accelerated reader. Custom disks cost $120. The 2002 Encyclopedia Britannica is available at a reduced price. (We were not told the price.)
Drawings for many free books were held.

Respectfully Submitted,
Patricia Bray
Recording Secretary