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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of January 11, 2003

Rainbow Book Company hosted the first CTLA meeting of 2003. We had breakfast, books and a special guest speaker. Our hosts were: Mark Sherman, David Sherman, Mike Sherman and Mickey Simmons. They had a full range of fiction and nonfiction titles, including many Spanish and bilingual titles. There were books on display from: Scholastic, Candlewick Press, Random House, Crabtree, Harper Collins, Rourke, Capstone, Gareth Stevens, Rosen, Little Brown, Heinemann, Chelsea House, and many more. Many were just released 2003 copyrights.
The special guest speaker for the meeting was Michael Dahl, author of "Agatha Christie, Spiderman and Me: A Writer Looks at Editors". It was a fun and exciting meeting. CPDU credit was available.

The meeting was located at the Hyatt at University Village, Chicago. The meeting was open with minutes read. To join the dues are $10.00. Our website list active members and photos will be placed on the web. We were reminded that February is our penny auction month and that we are to bring things, which are to be auction at our next meeting, which will be at Medell, Room 309, on February 8. We discussed collaborating with a flex schedule. The library for flex scheduling is no longer available; however we can show our importance in the school environment by collaborating with the staff. Put yourself out there, advertise your success and make flex work. Work very hard to get teachers to understand what you are doing. Have students shelve their own books, assign library helpers and have them scan the books for you.

Melva Samuels stated that the National Board of Certification is great in the area of education. Our director, Cathy Ryan, is from the Chicago Public Library. For the position of regional library, check our website: Those spots are still empty. Be sure to get your matching grant in before January 31, 2003 and also check for your letter. The library card campaign letter is coming and your clerk may find the funds loaded on the budget line. There will also be a small matching grant on a first come, first serve basis for those who did not receive the previous matching grant. Books will be sent to schools that are not well off. All schools will not be a part of this.

Anna Anderson, a retired librarian, was honored for her 90th birthday today.

We were advised to turn in our evaluation and keep the agenda and our reflections for our CPDUs.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary