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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of January 28, 2006

The CTLA meeting was hosted by Children’s Plus, Inc. at the Maggiano’s *Little Italy* Amarone Room at 111 W. Grand, Chicago.  We were treated to a divine full course family style lunch, a tote bag enclosed with a Children’s Plus cup and a book signed by Mike Thaler titled The Librarian from the Black Lagoon. He’s delectable with his "The most powerful nation in the world is imagination".

Mike Thaler is an award-winning author and illustrator nationally known as America's Riddle King.  He led us into the realm of imagination by bringing his creativity and unbridled enthusiasm to our meeting in a presentation that encourages language skills, stimulates creative writing, promotes reading, and teaches that words really can be fun!   Mike is a funny and captivating presenter.  He has over 100 children’s books to his credit and his newest 4-book series, Happily Ever Laughter has confirmed him as the undeniable court jester of children’s literature.  For more information contact him at (503) 266-2616 or E-Mail:

CPI-bound books are well constructed and printed using the latest 4-color digital technology and a durable, textured laminated cover.  Please keep in mind that Children's Plus is ready to work with you and help you build an outstanding collection for your school.  Feel free to call and arrange an appointment and special preview at your convenience at 1-800-230-1279 or visit

Announcements were made by Gail Johnson. On March 17- 18th the Northern Ill Children's Literature Conference will be taking place. Carolyn Brna invited us to see "Little Women" at the Cadillac Theater. Her niece performs there in a leading roll. Melva Samuels representing the Department of Libraries and Information Services stated that it is SIPAAA time and encourages you to become a part of the school improvement plan procedure. Get on that committee to speak up for school librarians and to budget funds.  Lots of things are going on at the Department of Libraries and are listed at the website. You will be receiving your calendar of events. The Best of the Best will be at the Chicago Public Harold Washington Library.  A spreadsheet may be downloaded at the Department of Libraries website. You may be contacted to become involved in the Megadata database program. If you are interested in hosting a Library Learning community meeting at your school let your Area librarian know. The Department supplies a sub for that day.  This will take place in the last week of March.  The matching grant and library card campaign fund are loaded and can be found on-line on the book budget line.  A waiver can be done now.  Links-to-Literacy meeting on Feb. 22 at Medill. The Department of Libraries and the Chicago Public Libraries will present a new Best of the Best taking place from 8:30-11:00am.  Web site for the Public library is

Cathy Ruszel presented information on obtaining National Board Certification. You may visit the web site at

Marge Fashing history moment gave us ten tips for new librarians. 1. Join a listserv. 2. Keep learning. 3. Speak up at meetings. 4. Nurture your sense of humor. 5. Have interesting hobbies. 6. Frame change as an adventure. 7. Honor and respect the people you work with. 8. Write for publications. 9. Connect people with ideas.  Years ago when we would look at books in recommended catalogs; they all had commodity numbers, which made it difficult for purchasing.

Charles Gunn announced that the membership is 148.  Thanks to this tremendous meeting, many additional members joined. He said he will add the new links to our website.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary