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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of January 23, 2010

The meeting was hosted by Children’s Plus at Maggiano’s Little Italy. The meeting was called to order by the president Tatiana Novy.  Eddie reported our treasury has $4712.40. Charlie Gunn gave our membership report. Our most current membership list of 155 is posted on our website.

K.C. Boyd from the department of libraries informed us of the African American Read In. More information is posted on the website. For those schools that were part of the Picturing America Grant and participated in the 2-day workshop at the Chicago Historical Museum last year, there will be a half-day workshop on Saturday, May 22nd at the Art Institute of Chicago.  She also informed us on the SOAR Cycle 3 Information/Deadlines and MARC Set Go Training Dates are now posted on the CPS Libraries Wikispace.

Kevin Walsh from Children’s plus took a moment of silence for those in Haiti.

A tremendous three-course Italian-favorites lunch was served.

Before dessert was served Don from Children’s plus informed us the new website is up and running then introduced us to the guest speaker.

Our guest speaker Paul Langan spoke of his life as the son of a single mother as well as his journey through life that inspired the struggles of his characters. The meeting was concluded with Paul Langan signing our copy of his latest book, Schooled.

Respectfully Submitted,
Tatiana Novy
Substitute Recording Secretary