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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of March 23, 2002
Held in Conference Room 605 at Univ. of IL Chicago Circle Center from 9am to 11:45am
Hosted by Steve Jarrell, Wayne Schumann, and David Brooks, Sales Consultants for Follett Library Resources

Pat Dempsey, CTLA President, presented an article entitled "Every Day is Library Day" from School Library Journal dated March, 2002.

Treasurer's Report- There is a balance of $5460.83.

Membership Report- Charlie Gunn has membership forms.

April, 2002 Meeting is a joint venture between CPS and the Chicago Public Library. It will be held at the Harold Washington Library and will be hosted by Perma-Bound. The idea exchange for this month will be poetry.
If you visit the following web site they will send you up to five library posters...

The May 18, 2002 meeting (our annual banquet) will be held at Marcello's at 645 W. North Ave. from 11- 2 p.m. They will serve a family style lunch which includes a beverage and wine.  There will be a Book Pals presentation which will feature aids in book selection and highlight the SAG organization which provides performers for schools.  The meeting host will be Viki Chikow of DK books.

Please notify Pat Dempsey if you know of any retirees.

Nominations for Officers for 2002- 2003 were taken from the floor.

Region Librarians present: Gwen Hilary, Melva Samuels and Diane Walker.

Library Advocacy Day will be held on Wed., April 17, 2002. It will feature bills that will be addressed, bills that will affect libraries and things in general.  Gwen Hilary will get the exact bills that involve libraries and let us know what we should lobbying for.

Bulletin board borders, ideas of a political and social nature, People posters (American explorers, Black History Month, etc.), upper grade ideas and a Stand Up and Deliver article.

FOLLETT COMPANY PRESENTATION by Wayne Schumann, David Brooks and Steve Jarrell

Chicago Public Schools has a Recommended Reading List.

A book raffle was held.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ann Adams
Corresponding Secretary