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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of March 8, 2003

Nick Stiglich of Scholastic Library Publishing hosted the CTLA meeting with breakfast at the Blaine Elementary School, 140 W. Grace Street. They gave raffles, prizes, and free books.

Maude Muhammad read the minutes; Edie Sokolnicki gave the treasurer’s report. Charlie Gunn gave the membership report. We have 191 members. He reminded us that for video lending, call Donna at 535-8417. You may keep the video for a week. The Department of Libraries and Information Services announced that March 28 is staff development day.

We had our nominating committee meeting to form the slate of 2003-2004 officers. Nominations were taken from the floor. Nominations were closed and members will receive a ballot at the April 5th meeting for voting. Follett will host the April meeting at the University of Illinois campus. At the May meeting we will honor the retirees and installation of officers. The retirees are: Diane Walker, Gwen Hilary, and Barbara Fields. We may contact Cathy Ruszel with name and school of retirees by April’s meeting. Ann Adams made an announcement about Borders Education weekend.

The idea exchange was about the upper grade student projects and Women’s History. Pat Dempsey showcased a Rubric website at

Viki Chikow shared about Sacred Heart School’s project about Notable American Men in History and Notable American Women in History. This was a two-month project. Call their social science teacher for information. Nick Stiglich's agenda was Grolier On-Line. Ursula Bielski gave a talk on her books: Chicago Haunts: Ghostly Lore of the Windy City; More Chicago Haunts: Scenes from Myth and Memory; Graveyard of Chicago: The People, History, Art and Lore of Cook Co. Cemeteries. You may contact Ursula to speak to students at:

Board members update: With the money from our treasury, it was decided to buy from each vender a gift certificate which will in turn allow members to use them toward the purchase of books.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary