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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of March 13, 2004

The CTLA meeting was hosted by Children's Plus and the Chicago Teacher-Librarians Association. We met at the Marriott Chicago Downtown, 625 S. Ashland from 9:00-11:30. The web site for Children's Plus is You may call them at 800-230-1279.

We had good food, friendly conversation and valuable information about Children's Plus, one of the fastest growing book distributors in the country. There were thousands of titles to select from. They had everything from preschool to young adult, fiction and nonfiction, series and individual titles. Samples were given to every one to take back so you can see for yourself the quality construction and durability of the books. Children Plus has free shipping, unattached processing, 100% satisfaction guarantee or will replace your book free of charge, and convenient order placement, including online ordering. At the end of the meeting we had prize drawings. Anyone who orders from their catalog given today will receive an additional 20% discount on books purchased.

We were given information on American Women who lead and inspired. This was our teaching tip for the month of March. For more information visit the web site at

An innovative workshop designed for the 21 century with CPDU credits is to be held March 26, 2004 at Bogan High School. This is the instructional resource conference for areas 11, 14, 15 & 23.

Kaita Haynes thanked those who registered to be judge for the Chicago Public School Bulls Team spelling bee. The bee will tale place March 27, 2004 at the Kenwood High School, 5015 S Blackstone. The judges are a crucial component to the success of this event and will be paid. Contact Kaita at (773) 553-3742.

Contact Deborah Shurney or Wanda Martin at 773-535-9580/7870 if you are interested in the instructional resource conference for principals, administrators, counselors, and teachers.

The treasurer reported a balance of $4,831.57 as of February 29, 2004. Charles Gunn gave an updated report and reminded to consult our web site at to get the latest information on the CTLA meetings. Ann Adams announced Marilyn Stewart, a guest of CTLA by Jackie McQueen, running for union president. Remember to vote on Tuesday for union representatives. This is a major election year and there are changes in the union contract to be considered. Remarks were also made by CTLA member Pat Knazze in recognition of Deborah Lynch, running for reelection. The union trustees sent a letter out concerning the union contract.

Names of retirees were given.

Field School is in need of a librarian.

Many school lunchrooms are closed because of rodent problems. No microwave are allowed in the classrooms.

Many upcoming events were announced that would interest librarians.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary