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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of March 1, 2008

Our CTLA meeting was called to order by our Vice President Annie. She thanked Follett for sponsoring us. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast and a great presentation about books and as a selection tool for the Illinois Textbook Loan program Matching Grant and other available funds. The meeting was held in the UIC student Center’s East Room 302 at 750 S. Halsted, Chicago, Ill. 60607 from 9:00am to 12:00 noon. Follett's entire Illinois Textbook Loan Program is available as a list on You may make a specific area of interest search. There is also a complete section devoted to CPS book choices, the CPL BEST of the BEST and others. For Titlewave help, you may contact a library service consultant at 888-511-5114. Each member attending the meeting participated in a raffle drawing and everyone was given a book.

Charlie Gunn was available to answer questions and give out membership forms after the meeting. He reminded us to visit our website for updated information as well as membership. Edie gave the treasury report having an ending balance of $4,575.80. Ann Adams announced that Pat Dempsey retired to care for her family, and then her mother passed away. Ann also mentioned many websites you may visit to apply for grants. She said to visit for the Educator’s guide to fundraising. It is free.

Marge clarified the minutes. She explained how librarians get awards. She said that Follett awards several things nationally and that ISLMA gives to a model library. She wants us to think about the idea and develop an award to give to the school where the principal is showing a commitment to the library. This may be a project that a retired person can look over to decide what we can give and how we can publicize it. One idea mention is to give out an application packet every year.

Announcements: We will review the By-Laws in April. Visit our website for input and print out a copy. We will also have an election of officers. Let Mary or Annie know of any retirees. Ann gave a brief description of her corresponding secretary job. If you would like to run for any of the secretary positions please let us know. We received greetings from the Department of Libraries. Tracy Boyd is area library coordinator for areas 16, 17, & 18. Those of you who need a demonstration, please see Lisa Perez at 553-6217. We are a recipient of a list of grants and we are the 1st public school system that has a presence on Fifteen schools will have the opportunity to receive a mini grant. Feel free to contact Lisa Perez directly to apply at 553-6217. The Matching Grants final report is now due. If you have questions contact Maria Rodriguez' directly. Links-to-Literacy meeting is coming in April. Professional Development Day will be held at King College Prep High School. Your support is needed for the Battle of the Books competition. To volunteer, contact Dorothy Chambers at 553-6218. Toby Rajput left to join National Louis University as an assistant professor in children's librarian, however, she will still work with the upcoming Battle of the Books. Connie Amon will be her replacement. We will honor our retirees at our May meeting. We welcome your suggestions.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary