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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of March 21, 2009

The March 21, 2009 meeting was hosted by Follett Library Resources at the University of Illinois Chicago. A buffet breakfast was served as members mingled with each other and the Follett representatives.

Tatiana Richardson, Vice President, called the meeting to order as President Annie Culverson could not be present. Marge Fashing was appointed recording secretary for this meeting. Irish Leo Bain was thanked for hosting the previous meeting with its breakfast and presentation at her Crane Tech Prep Common HIgh School Library. Thanks was given to all those who helped in the penny auction held at that meeting. A request was made for the names of any members retiring at the end of this school year to be honored at the May meeting. Nominations for vacant offices are needed by the April meeting. Serving on the CTLA Board is a great way to develop personal skills and support the profession.

Follett had a live Internet link running which allowed Charlie Gunn to give a quick tour of the CTLA website. Reports of the membership secretary, recording secretary, and treasurer are on line and were reviewed by the respective officers. Minutes of previous meeting were reviewed. There were no corrections.

Andy Larson of Follett began by introducing all of the account managers present. He was wearing his playaway which he wears everywhere. He showed how speakers could be attached for group use. Several members commented on how successfully Playaways are being used with special needs students and "engaging the unengagable".

The group was reminded to pay close attention to the presentation as questions would be asked in the book give away. New features on found in a left sidebar are a calendar of events relating to authors and books and a link to writing grants. Other new features on My Lists, My Orders, Titlewise Analysis and Collection Development were also shown. One highlight was being able to look at 10 pages from a book, making Titlewise a 24/7 bookstore. Members were reminded to call their Follett rep for help in using any of the new features.

A suggestion was made to identify books eligible for Illinois Textbook funds. The reps all said they welcome all suggestions for improvement .

Regional librarian Connie Amon is the webmaster for the department's wikispace and announced she would remain after the meeting to demonstrate its functionality.

The last activity was the 36 Second CTLA Extravaganza in which tables worked as teams to buzz in correct answers about Follett's services. The highest scoring team had first pick of the free books. Thanks to Follett's generosity there were plenty of books available and many attendees were able to return to their libraries with more than one new book.

Respectfully Submitted,
Marge Fashing
Substitute Recording Secretary