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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of May 18, 2002

            This meeting was held at Marcello's Restaurant at 645 W. North Ave.   It was our final meeting and three retirees were honored.   We were served lunch before the meeting.   Hostess was Vicki Chicko of Usborne Books.   It began at 11:00 a.m. and ended at 2:30 p.m.

            Patricia Dempsey, president, opened the festivities at 11:10.

            The minutes of the April meeting were accepted.

            Edie Sokolinicki gave the treasurer's report indicating that $4946.71 was in our bank account.

            Marge Fashing reported that Diane Walker is working on the ISLMA Conference that will be held Nov. 7 - 9 in Arlington Heights.    Other ISLMA members are being asked to help in hosting of this event.  Members are able to apply for vouchers to help pay for the conference fees.   Recertification credits are given for attendance at the sessions.

            We thank Gwen Hilliary who has been a dynamic advocate in working to get funds for libraries.

            The public library summer reading program will begin on June 10 th and end on Aug. 3rd.  Students who read the required number of books will be given stickers and a ZooRay for Books T-shirt.  Also, they will be invited to a special program at Lincoln Park Zoo on Aug. 10th.

            Sets of three award winning books were raffled off with a winner at each table.  SINGLE SHARD (Newbery), 3 LITTLE PIGS (Caldecott) and SOMEPLACE SPECIAL (Coretta Scott King) made up each set.  Four sets were left over and these will be raffled at our Sept. meeting.

            Cathy Ruszel reported that the Barnes and Noble Bookstores have a special reading incentive program for children.   It is titled "Dive Into Books".   When the child reads 8 books, he/she receives a free book.   Parents may check these stores for details.

            Three retiring teachers were honored at this meeting.   They are:

Nancy Boi                   (Scammon School)

Beverly Johnson         (Dumas School)

Mary Spiller                 (Anderson School)

In a candle lighting ceremony Rita Dawkins installed the CTLA officers for school year 2002-2003.   Officers are:

    President:                         Cathy Ruszel             (Thorp Academy)

    Vice-President:                  Ann Adams                 (Christopher)

    Treasurer:                        Edie Sokolnicki          (Scammon)

    Recording Sec.:                 Maude Muhammed    (Dunne)

    Membership Sec.:             Charles Gunn              (Washington Irving)      

    Corresponding Sec:          Patricia Bray                (Patrick Henry)

    Communications Sec.      Rochelle Wooding       (Jordan Comm. Academy)

    Reservations Sec.:            Nancy Volkman          (Norwood Park)

    Historian:                          Marge Fashing            (LaSalle Academy)

    Immediate Past Pres.:       Patricia Dempsey        (Blaine)

Thelma Arvelo, 6th grader and former Patrick Henry student, read an original poem "The Soldier".   This was in honor of Memorial Day.

Vicki Chicko told us about Usborne Books.  Their book fairs are staffed by members of the company with very little work to be done by the librarian.  There is a wide supply of books, including many in the Spanish language.   Teacher Breakfast Book Fairs are also hosted.   Card Cataloguing services are available.   Their new encyclopedia sets are complete with kid safe web links.  20% is given in free books if sales are over $200.

Book Pals was founded in CA by actress Barbara Bain in 1993.  Kate Loge, a representative, gave us information about this organization.   Performing artists have organized to promote literacy in schools.   The Screen Actors Guild provides this service to schools to help promote reading and writing.  This art of storytelling has been in the Chicago area for 4 years.   An actor/actress is assigned to a specific school to work with certain classes once a week or every other week on storytelling.   Two classrooms are worked with in separate sessions--totaling an hour each time. He/she helps the children write stories, too.   In total there are 18 chapters of this organization.   Book Pals has a training manual and provides services.   It is free to schools.  Nov. 10th is Book Pals Chicago Day.

There is a Golden Apples Alphabets Bus for children (ages 6 months to 5 years old) that serves areas with low literacy.

Sept. 11, 2002:   a collection of speeches:  America in our own words program.

NEA "Read Across America" sponsors a book drive for homeless shelters and families.   Books are collected for this "Heart-to-Heart Book Drive.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Bray, Recording Secretary

CTLA Board Information

            The following CTLA board members agreed to meet at the Big House Restaurant before our next meeting.   (Patricia Dempsey, Patricia Bray and Edie Sokolinicki)

As a follow-up:

            We met on Feb. 6th and invited Vicki Chikov, representing Usbourne Books, who will be our hostess vendor.

            We had dinner there and sampled several dishes.   After discussing our options and meeting with owner, Edie Teich, we came to an agreement for our May 18th meeting.   It will be a luncheon meeting at the Big House at 2353 N. Clybourn in Chicago from 11:00 to 2:00.  Edie Teich, former owner of Ranelli's, was helpful in addressing our needs.   It will cost $25 per person.   Vendor and member will pay $10 each and CTLA will pay $5.   Menu will include steak, chicken and pasta dishes, Caesar salad and brownies for dessert.  Coffee and iced tea will be served.  Cash bar is available for other soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.   The owner needs to know the exact number of people at least a week before so as to have everything ready.

Report of a Short Board Meeting

            This was held just after our general meeting.   The topic was the May meeting.   We will be having a luncheon retirement meeting.   It was decided that Patricia Bray is to contact Edie Teich, owner of a new restaurant, The Big House, on Clybourn Ave, near Ashland.   We intend to meet on May 18th from 11-2.

Respectfully Submitted,
Patricia Bray
Recording Secretary