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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of May 19, 2007

Our May meeting was hosted by the Scholastic Library Publishing and the CTLA at the Marcello’s Restaurant, located at 645 West North Avenue, Chicago, Il. We enjoyed a family style lunch and celebrated the retirement of teacher librarians and the end of a great school year.

Mary Hebda, our newly elected president, opened the meeting by honoring our retirees. The agenda and lunch menu was available at our table along with CTLA gift flowerpots for each member.

Dunham from Scholastic library publishing gave us information about new products offered to our schools through books and media. He reminded us that the Division of libraries has purchased Grolier Online and the CPS user name and password is your 4-digit building unit number. Grolier has two award winning databases (Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia and America the Beautiful) available at The User’s Guide for Grolier Online, and catalogs for their materials were available to take home. Scholastic Library Publishing is proud to partner with CPS to meet all of your library needs. They offer sets and individual titles: Grolier Reference has six new sets this year which includes general reference encyclopedias and curriculum for 2nd grade and up; Children’s Press/Franklin Watts has 217 new titles nonfiction for PreK-12 grades aligned to National and State Standards; Scholastic has award-winning fiction and nonfiction and more; Weston Woods brings books alive with DVDs, VHS, CDs and Cassettes; Tom Snyder's Thinking Reader is the only software program for struggling readers that makes core, unabridged, grade-level literature accessible for 6th grades and up. African-American Biography, just released last spring, has over 108 volumes. They have a new reading program titled “Muhammad Ali Goes the Distance”. It is related to their recently did workshop and is correlated to that particular reading program with six basic themes. They have correlated books for the library. They try to get books in your hands they know kids are going to read. Books were raffled off. For more information you may reach Dan Dunham at 708-268-2435 or visit

Marge Fashing read a fax to us that was sent by Paul Whitsitt, the Director of the Division of Libraries. He said that all of the Department of Libraries' staff wishes to be present for this wonderful group of retirees. How lucky for them and for us that they chose to become school librarians. What a difference they have made in the lives of children in the public school and particularly regarding Melva Samuels and Woodra Scott whose talent and hard work would be greatly missed in the Department and through out the schools they have supported. You have earned a wonderful retirement, and may God bless you. A book with the signatures of the entire Department of Library staff and a Certificate of Special Recognition were given to all of the retirees. They were each asked to stand and we were allowed to tell stories and share memories about many of them.

Announcements: We had an ending balance of $4,672.72 in the Treasurer's report. Charlie stated that we are thinking about our membership dues for next year. Mary said that we are still going through our By-Laws and will be working on them during the summer break. You may be notified through e-mail. Your comments on things we talked about in our February meeting will be appreciated. Let Charlie have your e-mail address to receive results and make additional proposals. The slate of officers was read for the 2007-2008 school year with Ann Culverson as Vice President. No objection, corrections, or other nominations were made.

Marge Fashing’s history moment informed us that we may use our discarded books that are out of print for making little boxes and furniture. Be creative, visit Abe Books, Inc. They have a contest going on for those who are poetic. Write a poem about Harry Potter. Corrections were made on our April minutes-- this website has the updated information.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary