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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of November 17, 2001

This meeting was held at the Hyatt at Univ. Village, 600 S. Ashland, Chicago. It began with a buffet breakfast at 8:30 and lasted until noon. Our host was Ernest Cino of Sagebrush Corp. & Econoclad.

Edie Sokolnicki reported that we have $5,110.83 in our accoount.
Charles Gunn told us that we have 170 members. Information is on our website. The new address is

A librarian is needed at the new National Teachers Academy. It is at Cermak and California Streets. The school will be opening Fall 2002. It will be similar to the Wright Academy School.

Ann Adams had little Disney's "Aladdin" book gifts for everyone. Thank you.

Curious George is 60 years old. Over 25 million books have been sold. There will be a Curious George balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

Book-a-Mania is this afternoon. Try to attend.

School Library Journal has a warrior librarian weekly entry for humor at

Accelerated Reader and Reading Counts are tools to get children to read. More children are reading and this is some success.

Patricia Bray reported on the ISLMA conference. She had presented at one of the Sat. sessions about the Collaboration Conference of the summer. June Pembroke is our representative. It is a worthwhile event.

Carolyn Brna reported about her trip to Atlanta. It was a meeting of the Society of School Librarians International. She visited the Jimmy Carter Library. Dues are $45 a year. Maryagnes Moran is a member also. There is an advantage to being a book reviewer for them. You get to read many new books and you are able to keep them. Next year the meeting is in New York City.

Our next meeting is on Dec. 15th at the Doral Plaza, 151 N. Michigan. Holiday Stories and collaborative planning will be presented.

Ernest Cino gave us information about the Athena and Winnebago library automation systems. Both are easy to use. It depends on the librarian and the patrons which system would be best for a given school. The Board is trying to force some schools to accept the Follett Automation System. It is not good for grade schools. (What is going on?) We need to do something.
Econoclad carries 35,000 titles. The books have lifetime guaranteed bindings.
When grants are received through the Board, they want us to order original copies. The Original Publishers Catalog can be requested through World Enterprises Publishers. Excellent services and prices are offered. Also, Econoclad has a way to use one line entries that are accepted by CPS, a real bonus for our clerks.

Reading Counts has more varied quizzes than does Accelerated Reader.

Contact Ernest if you'd like a Dinosaur Poster

Teknimedia is their computer literacy series.

Respectfully Submitted,
Patricia Bray
Recording Secretary