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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of November 15, 2003

Kori Kubitz & Associates hosted our meeting at Maggiano's Restaurant, located 516 N. Clark Street in Chicago hosted the CTLA meeting.  We had a full breakfast buffet.  They featured "sole source" library books.  The publishers are Rosen’s, Powerkids Press, Rourke’s, Treasure Chest, Child’s World, Traditions, Perfection Learning’s Cover to Cover, and Sharpe Reference. There were 100’s of new books on display from the direct publishers who offer "sole source" books.  "Sole Source" books are not Baker & Taylor books.

Some members were unhappy with having just one company Baker & Taylor.  One stated that we don’t have to order from anyone we don’t want to.  We can do the grants, book fairs or what ever with the discretionary money that your school has.  You do not have to go to Baker & Taylor.  That is up to you where you want to spend your discretionary money.  The Board has a two-year contract of 15 million dollars a year.  So think about where you are going to get the most from when spending your money?  We were with Baker & Taylor a long time ago and we lost a lot of money.  We did not get the money or the books back.   We are a large volume library; the least we can do is to let the Board of Education know that the CTLA as a professional group and are displeased with the way they are doing our vendors. Ann replied that we did voice our displeasure to Arne Duncan and Michael Scott and that they did respond saying that they were not sure which vendor they were going to go with and that they would go to the Board Meeting.  After Ann wrote the letter, she had copies made and brought it to the September CTLA meeting for everyone.  She gave one to Kori at the Board meeting.  Someone mention that the US District Attorney would be helpful because he is not politically connected to the people who run the Board.

 Samples of new books were on the tables and were given to the members.


  1. The May CTLA meeting will be announced later.
  2. Friday, November 7, 2003, Barbara Fields presented the standards at IIT.
  3. Bookamania is November 22, 2003, from 11:00am to 3:00pm, at the Harold Washing Library.  If interested call 312-747-4780. 
  4. Dell Chapman, author of “Unteachable”, will be on WYYW, Nov. 16, at 5:00pm. 
  5. Applications for the Disney Awards are available, call 877-282-8322.
  6.  Patty Bray went to ISLMA meeting. She stated that new awards will be given out, the K-3rd "Monarch" --Librarian who thinks ©2003 books should be on new award list.  To get the study on library of Illinois go to  due by end of November.
  7. Linda Chambers won the Laura Bush Award. 
  8. Our History moment was given by Marge Fashing on Coni Kubi (Corner Bakery).
  9. Charles Gunn stated that you check your CTLA membership status on the web now.
  10. Information on registering for the Rebecca Caudill book Award was passed out.
  11. Woodra Scott of the Department of Libraries stated that the Matching Grant for registering has a December deadline date.  You may contact your regional librarian.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary