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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of November 18, 2004

CTLA president Vera Vasudevan-Bunting, opened our business meeting with a round of applause for our gracious hostess, Kori Kubitz, who not only provided the splendid five-course meal, but a book bag and three newly published books. The meeting was held in a beautiful banquet room at Maggiano's at 516 N. Clark, Chicago. Kori had a slide show presentation of her unique, sole source books. She her company is well prepared to fill orders for the Illinois Textbook Loan program (for grades K-3 this year) that is not subject to the CPS Baker & Taylor rules.

Business Reports: Treasurer reported a current balance of $4147.57. Membership stands at 120 with a goal of 200 members and C. Gunn thanked Kori for this sponsoring this meeting which cost much more than our $10 membership fee could buy.

Lois Waiters-Sanders briefed us on the Society of School Librarians, Intl. Meeting in San Antonio and how they get sample copies of leading books to review.

Department of Libraries announcements: Matching grant applications are due 11/19 and three on-line database workshops to be held 12/7,8,9.

Our guest speaker was Dr. Ann Carlson-Weeks, former director of Library and Information Services of CPS. After a bit of reminiscing on her years at CPS, Dr. CarlsonWeeks introduced us to one of her current projects, "International Children's Digital Library" at www.icdlbooks.org

Her comments on the national library scene: Disparity is growing, collections are becoming more conservative, there is a noticeable lack of resources of time as well as funding. However, there is some good news: We are using technology as a tool, not an end. Also, the library program is being integrated into the curriculum and staff collaboration is being welcomed. Her final words to us: as professionals we need to talk about the difference we can make: change can happen.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary