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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of November 17, 2005

Kori Kubitz hosted the CTLA meeting at the Sports Hall of Fame, located at 1431 W. Taylor, on the 3rd floor.  We had a divine buffet and bar catered exclusively by Rosebud, Salvatore Raguso – Executive Chef, phone 312-226-5566.

Everyone was given a bag of books about penguins and a stuffed penguin animal.  Raffles were in the following order: blow up penguin, coffee table books on Antarctic and penguins of the world, graphic history library 32 volume Capstone value $800.00, Signature Lives 44 volume Compass Point value $1300.00.  The centerpieces were given away at each table to the one who made the closest guess of number of gumballs in a jar.

If you are looking for alternative choices when ordering library books, several of Kori Kubitz publishers offer special programs and sole source books for you.  A few of them are Rosen’s Power kids Press, Capstone Press and Target Take Charge of Education Program.  This program offers a 25% additional discount before Dec. 31, 2005; Rourke Frequent Buyer Program; The Child’s World; and in addition direct to the publisher orders receive; free shipping, free library processing, and fast delivery and fulfillment rates of 99%.  For more information call Kori at 773-202-0955 or Jo Ann Flournoy at 708-434-7403.

Gail welcomed everyone to the meeting.  We were briefed on the ISLMA convention she attended.  Other schools are doing great things that we may learn about on their websites.  Gertrude Harris attended the SSLI convention and recommends that we get the book titled Iceberg for the upper grade students.

Carolyn invited us to see "Little Women".  Her niece, Renee Brna, is a star of the show.  It is at the Cadillac Theater and has won 6 Tony awards. Remaining gifts were given to retirees. 

Irish announced that the CPS Dept. of Libraries now has a listserv.

The treasurer reported a balance of $3,959.29.

Charlie Gunn has membership forms and they are also on the CTLA website.

Toby reported for the Department of Libraries.  The next community meetings for the Department of Libraries will be in March.  Areas meet more often.  The Matching grant application is on the Department’s website.  Purchase orders are due in by December 9, 2005.  There will be a holiday party at the Department of Libraries on Thursday, December 8th between 1-4:00pm.  Everyone is invited.  Please come.  Melva and Toby visited the Malcolm X Center this summer on every Wednesday.  The Early Childhood Center is in their library. Available to all teachers who register and get a library card from them are the following: Lamination, Computer lab, meeting space and check out materials. There is also on-line training available.

Marge announced that Children Book Week is coming at the Chicago Public Library and they would like to have some volunteers.  It will be from 11:00 am-3:00 p.m.  There will be a computerize Lego contest held Dec. 10th at 6530 W. Briar for kids at the Legos Corporation.  ALA 1996 standard is having a city wide in-service to update standards. 

Our next meeting will be December 3, 2005 at the Hyde Park Ramada Inn from 8:30am to 11:00am.  Perma-Bound will host it.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary