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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of November 15, 2006

The direct representatives, Kori Kubitz and Jo Ann Flourney, hosted our CTLA dinner meeting November 15th at the Carnival Restaurant.  It was located 702 W. Fulton Market Street.  We enjoyed cocktails, dinner and a fabulous evening where we experienced Latino flavors and explored the dishes of Cuba, Brazil and Spain.

Kori Kubitz Company carries Capstone Press and their sister companies, Picture Window Books (K-3), Compass Point, Stone Arch Books are high interest (4th-9th) low level reading (1st-3rd) and Rosen Publishing Group including Power Kids Press.  Many are on the approved venders list of CPS.  1% of all monies earned by Capstone Press will go to the libraries of Louisiana affected by Katrina. They offer books for junior high and high schools.  The websites look unique and are all integrated. They have links to other sites and have readers' theater scripts. Redbrick Learning has graphic novels.  You may use one vendor number to order all publishers.  For more information, phone 773-202-0955, fax 773-202-1559 or Email

Special thanks were given to their guest Rebecca Carranza who is a Coughlan Publishing Consultant and a graphic novel writer of Redbrick Learning.  She explained why libraries and classrooms need graphic fiction.  It is a book written and illustrated in the style of a comic book. She explain how this format works being the most effective bridge from low levels of reading ability to higher levels with voluntary and free reading.  It motivates kids to want to read more.  It gives a good reason.  When a kid is looking at a graphic novel, he is reading.  For resources on Graphic Novels visit

Dr. Gail Bush and Dr. Junko Yokota, directors of the Center for Teaching through Children’s Books, informed us about their organization and encouraged us to join them in serving the community.  If you are interested in what the center might offer, learning about the courses leading to ISBE endorsement up to Ph. D. or would like a tour of their library collection, contact them at Junko Yokota ( 224.233.2798) and Gail Bush ( 224.233.2522) located at the National-Louis University North Shore campus, 5202 Old Orchard Road, Suite 300, Skokie, Il 60077-4409.  Their Unique approach prepares Illinois educators to meet the needs and vision of the 21st century school learning community through the school library.

Irish, our president, is qualified to provide CPDU’s for the venders on the approved vender list of CPS.

Margie Fashing gave the history moment on "Make Friends with Books".  This was in the Oasis Magazine produced in 1949.   The theme today is "More Books Please" for the Children’s Book Week.   She is also looking for "The 12 Days of Christmas" printed in the Oasis. 

The treasurer reported an ending balance of 4,184.03.  Charlie Gunn had membership forms for new and renewing members. He reminded us to visit this website for updated information.

Melva Samuels from the Department of Libraries and Information Services stated that the Matching Grant Program for school library collection development will be continued.  It is designed to encourage schools to replace outdated and worn library materials in the central school library with current, up-to-date resources that support the curriculum and motivate readers.  Applications are due December 8, 2006. On December 1st, the Illinois study form is due.  Database workshops will be offered December 7, at Medill.  The Teaching Book and Holiday Party at Medill will be December 14.  For more information contact your area librarian. 

The deadline for officer nominations and for notification of retirement is April 1st.

Irish raffled off various items which she brought.  Everyone was given a bag of books from the Kori Kubitz on behalf of her publishers.

Nancy Skiersch sent a thank you note to the CTLA for the wonderful retirement party and gift of time.  She said “My memories of last June will last a lifetime.  How lucky I am to be a part of this wonderful organization and profession."

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary