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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of November 19, 2008

The November CTLA Dinner Meeting hosted by Kori Kubitz and Jo Ann Flournoy at Connie’s Italian Pizza Restaurant, located 2373 S. Archer in Chicago.  We had social hour at 4:30pm followed by dinner, a presentation, and plenty of raffles. 

Kori's presentation began during desert.  It was designed to help us overcome the fear of ordering direct through their website.  They represent Capstone Publishers and Rosen  Publishing.  They have free services and websites to serve librarians and students with innovation for today's learners. Their books are tied to the curriculum.  Weigl Publishers Inc. President Linda Weigl flew in from New York and talked about her company and its outreach to librarians. She gave a children's biography book of Barack Obama to everyone present.

The Department of Libraries announced that TLC (The Library Company) is our new centralized automatic system vendor.   There will be approximately 70 schools invited to join the centralized Automation system in the spring of 2009.  Thirty-five schools have already been selected.  The general criteria for inclusion have not been established.  The school must have their records cleaned up and ready to be uploaded into the system.   If you completed the interest form distributed earlier, you will be one of the schools considered. Go to the CPS wiki: and look for centralized automation... near the bottom of the page is a section titled "Prepare" with a presentation that gives the information and sources for help in cleaning up your records.  If you need additional information, contact Conie Amon at 553-6214.

CPS' Picturing America applications for the collaborative units will be available shortly.  30 schools will be selected to implement their units.  Grants includes teacher workshops plus $500 for supplemental resources and supplies to support the unit.

The Matching Grant applications are due Friday, December 5. 

The Urban Literature Workshop resources and support materials are available on the CPS wiki.

Edie reported an ending treasury balance of  $5,078.30. 

Charlie stated that you should consider renewing your membership of $10.00.  Nothing has changed with the dues for 25 years, and you may do everything on-line at

Some members had good news to share led by our president Annie Culverson.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary