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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of November 19, 2009

The meeting was hosted by Kori Kubitz and Associates at Connie's Restaurant on Archer Ave. The meeting began with a spirited social hour, complete with drinks and appetizers. Then we were treated to a delicious Italian menu including freshly baked desserts.

Kori welcomed her staff, including Jo Ann Flournoy, and enlightened us on keeping the earth safe and green with her meeting theme "Think Green". We were each given an environmentally friendly tote bag full of books plus a raffle ticket. There was a raffle table of great prizes, all awarded to attendees. Kori introduced her family, who helped with the event and enjoyed the evening with us. She also introduced new Capstone and Stone Arch books for the year via a spectacular PowerPoint presentation, plus she announced their new Rewards Program that includes 500 free points for registering. In addition, Capstone and Stone Arch has a new automated ordering system with CPS' Oracle punch-out system for clerks.

K. C. Boyd from the Department of Libraries informed us that matching grant application deadline is extended December 18. Check their website for all the details. Kori stated that matching grant orders should placed directly though her to maximize benefits and customer service.

The CTLA business meeting was conducted by President Tatiana Novy. Membership and Treasurer's Reports were provided and posted on the website. Charles Gunn said that this meeting speaks for itself about the benefits of CTLA; the meeting makes his membership role easy, since the value of this meeting was so generous thanks to Kori!

Kori introduced Mark Wesley, who featured Rosen Publishing books, especially their Big Books and audiobooks, plus their home schooling program and Teen Health & Wellness website, which CPS subscribes to.

The meetings adjourned at 7:35.

Respectfully Submitted,
Althea Johnson
Substitute Recording Secretary