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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of October 18, 2003

J/S Educational Concepts Richard Simons, Joe Vulpon, and Susan Raye hosted the CTLA meeting, at the Hillside Holiday Inn, 4400 Frontage Road, Hillside IL. E-mail to

They are direct representatives for:  ABDO, Booksource, Lerner, Raintree, UXL, Millbrook/21st Century, Morgan Reynolds, and Marshall Cavendish/ Benchmark Books.

Our president Ann Adams made opening remarks.  She gave a brief biography about Delle Chatman, the author of "Unteachable Ten" and "The Death of a Parent"; she is not only a writer but also a director, producer, and actress in film, television, and theater.

Delle Chatman gave insight on her writings.  It virtually helps you live your life, focus, make a commitment, enjoy life, know yourself, and have faith.  "Unteachable Ten" has hundreds of photographs taken all over the world.  They were available for purchase.  "Death of a Parent" is a collection of 18 very short books written about the passing of her own parents.  It is fiction and a consolation to read.  We broke to purchase her books.

When we returned, Joe Vulpone gave a presentation on behave of J/S Educational Concepts.  He will meet with Kathy Ryan to work on a plan for purchasing book for the school library.  He thanked CTLA for support over the years.  He informed us that Dominique Press has English and Spanish library bound books, free shipping for 25 books or more and free processing.  Marshal Cavendish is a reference book source.  He, Viki Chikow, and other venders were at the Chicago Board of Education Board Meeting at 8:05 am.  They were not allowed in the meeting. It started at 10:30 am. They learned it was a done deal that the Board of Ed approved Baker and Taylor for the job as their only source for purchasing library bound books. Because Federal Funding is being used, there is a possibility of a restraining order.  No one asked the librarians what they needed or wanted.  At 10:15, the vendors were marched to a conference room and were told that they had no right to speak at the meeting.  Questions were taken. A letter was written to Michael Scott but no reply.  The Board does not know how much money is being spent with Baker and Taylor on library books.  They are going on a promise that Baker and Taylor is giving the best discount than anybody else.  "How can you cut cost if you don’t know how much you are spending?" said Viki Chikow.  If it is a library book, it must be bought from Baker and Taylor on a CPS purchase order form.  That does not bind you if you use Grant money.  Nine years ago Baker and Taylor was the purchase of choice and it was thrown out then.  Supplemental materials are not affected.  Arne Duncan brought in an out-of-town consultant firm to oversee the whole system in Chicago.  They could not explain to these consultants the 7 million dollars put into library funding.  They think it is easier to order everything from one library company. The CPS classroom collection grants gave books to schools whether they wanted them or not; they wasted money.

Ann gave a report on upcoming events and raffled off books written by Cynthia Lagemet, a Chicago author.  More books were raffled off by J/S Educational.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary