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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of October 1, 2005

The CTLA meeting was hosted by J/S Educational Concepts, Inc.  At the Galleria Marchetti Restaurant, located at 825 W. Erie.,  Chicago, IL.  They are direct Representatives for major library publishers specializing in books for school libraries. The publishers they represent are:  Abdo Publishing Company, Bearport, The Book source, Gale, Grey House Publishing, Facts on File, Chelsea House, The Lerner Publishing Group, Morgan Reynolds Publishing, Salem Press, Routledge-Taylor and Francis.  They offer free shipping, processing, and discounts.

You may contact J/S Educational Concepts, Inc.  Vendor #19072; phone (847) 564-3617. Richard Simons ext. 104; Heather Vulpone ext. 119; Sandra Bookhout ext. 149.

The vendors provided food, drawings, book reviews and fun. We exchanged ideas on science fair projects, young authors, and family reading night.

The Baker & Taylor’s contract is up in May for renewal.

Be sure to give your email address to Gail. Please give information on how to reach all the retirees who did not get gifts and were not honored at our luncheon.  The gifts will be brought to the next meeting.

 Go to to inter for the winning essay contest.

The treasurer reported $3,757.29 balance.  Membership is $10.00 per year.  This has not gone up in 20 years.

Our history moment was given by Margie Fishing.  We received a gold book from Winifred Dunkin titled Elementary Library Media Center handbook.  The General Superintendent was Mannford Byrd and the copy write date was 1978 by the Board of Education.  The preference read “The Media Center meets the needs of the teachers and students in many ways, through the appearance of the library, listening and viewing aria, the teacher’s desk and the work room. 

Woodra Scott gave an update on the Department of Libraries.  You many host a library regional meeting in your aria from 8:00am – 11:00am.  Call 553-6210.  If you need to know what aria you are in consult the staff list on the handout received or visit the web site at

Pride and Prejudice in on the list for One Book One Chicago at the DePaul University’s panel discussion.

Book Source will donate $250.00 in books to any school that has Katrina evacuees enrolled.

Some of the books raffled away were donated by Irish, our Vice President.  She received 600 books per student from the Scholastic Book Company.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary