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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of October 14, 2006

Follett Library Resources sponsored this meeting. A full buffet breakfast with great information and fun was held at the UIC Student Center East Cardinal Room 329. It is located at 750 S. Halsted. Chicago, IL. 60607. The meeting was opened by our Vice-President Mary Hebda. Charlie Gunn gave the membership report and reminded us to visit our website for up-to-date information on membership and treasury balance. Marge Fashing gave the history moment on the Library Yellow Pages. It has a card catalog service. You can get it on their website There is a Chicago connection with RR Donnelley. RR Donnelley was from Canada. Marge displayed her Yellow Pages paper dress of 1967 which she wore at that time. We all have connections to the Yellow Pages.

Follett is happy and proud to back as one of our venders. David Brooks is celebrating his 15 years of service with Follett. Mr. Steve Jarrell presented Follett's on-line resources. The newest member to Follett was introduced: Mrs. Melissa Smith is dedicated to take care of you and speaks for the Follett team. In addition, Andy Larson has returned to serve Chicago. He stated that educators do not value media specialists for what they can bring to the curriculum. Parents need to be more involved in their children's education. 100 years ago media specialists were the first reading teachers. Now you are master teachers. Today you have TitleWave to support you with the curriculum.

Steve and David, Follett's representatives, demonstrated to us exactly how TitleWave can help: TitleWave is a way of looking for things you want for the curriculum. Lexile scores can be done on Follett's MARC record. You may find information on keyword searches. Follett's binding book is like a Perma-Bound book. They offer all the different bindings. Follett offers collection development information by reading level, interest level, number of pages in a book, Dewey classification, power range, award titles, and high interest/low reading level for boys. There is also available audio visual search and Disney Education products. What is most current is on TitleWave and it is updated daily. You may put together print and non-print materials. The curriculum is aligned with the State curriculum standards and the Chicago Public School recommended reading list. You may create your own list by class projects, popular subjects, picture books, multicultural, geography, novels and more. If you are automated, Titlewise may be used to do a complete analysis of your entire collection, which you may print and show to administrators or Local School Council. Follett is on the approved venders list and orders can be sent electronically to your clerk. For more information go to web site or email

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary