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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of October 13, 2007

Our October CTLA meeting was sponsored by Perma-Bound at the Parrot Cage, South Shore Cultural Center, which is located 7059 S. Shore Drive, Chicago Ill. The Parrot Cage capacity is limited to 50 diners and RSVP was required.

We joined Ione Graves and Turk Glazebrook as they blend cooking and books with a special appearance by "the Spatulatta Sisters"; the authors of the Spatulatta Cookbook. Each attending member received a goody bag including a signed copy of this book and other cook books were raffled off.

The Washburne Culinary Institute introduced the Spatulatta Girls, Isabella Gerasole, who is twelve years old, and Olivia Gerasole, who is nine years old. They gave a cooking demonstration on "James and the Giant Peach". We sampled the sorbet and were given the recipe. We enjoyed a buffet prepared by the students of the Washburne Culinary Institute. They serve dinners Wednesday through Saturday. For full catering call 773-602-5566.

Perma-Bond is an approved vender. They have discounts available and will service you for matching grants and the Illinois Text Book Loan Program. There is a 2007-2008 author contest given by Judith St. George that you may enter. For more information, visit the Perma-Bound web site at

Edie, our treasurer, reported an ending balance of $3,582.23 for October. There was a correction made for the ending balance in the September minutes. Visit our website for updated information. You may give membership to Edie or pay on line.
October 16 is Battle of the Books orientation from 3:00pm-6:00pm at Medill.
October 17 is Librarian Orientation to Second Life is online at from 8pm to 9pm and Links-to-Literacy kick-off is also on the date.
The ISLMA Conference in Springfield, IL is Nov. 2nd and 3rd.
The library card campaign report is due to the Department of Libraries on December 5th.
Book-a-Mania is November 17th at 11:30am -3:00pm. Volunteers are needed at the Harold Washington Library for that day; if you are interested contact your area librarian.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary