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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of October 25, 2008

Our CTLA continental breakfast meeting was hosted by Perma-Bound in the newly renovated Department of Libraries Room 218 in the Medill Professional Development and Training Center located 1326 W. 14th Place, Chicago.  We enjoyed a special guest reader, author W. Nikola-Lisa.  He read his book  “Shake Dem Halloween Bones” and gave a copy to everyone present.

Our president opened the meeting with the reading of the minutes by Maude.  Eddie reported an ending balance of  $4,125.28.  The Department of Libraries announced that matching grant time is here and applications are due by December 5th, and the Department will match up to $5,000.  With Picturing America grant, all CPS schools received the whole set, though schools may apply for the additional collaborative grant in November.  This Department grant includes teacher workshops plus $500 for supplemental resources and supplies to support the unit.

CPL's Book-A-Mania is a Chicago Public Library event on November 22nd.  Volunteers are needed.  If you are having a Family Reading Night, contact your area librarian. 

Good News:  Irish stated that last year she worked on a collaboration project with her art teacher. They showcased their art work in They will be presenting the project in Springfield.  We have got to be our own PR.  Let us know what you are doing.  

Charlie reminded us to visit for updated information on membership and payment.  He had available applications at the meeting. If you want to provide something on the web, let Charlie know.

Margie’s history moment recalls the Department of Libraries on Pershing Road was still there, even when the whole department was shut down.  We had a good program there and the mail kept coming after the department moved.  The CTLA minutes were kept in a vault there.  We thought we had something wonderful, but it disappeared. So, we have to toot our own horn, and we have to make sure that this does not happened again.  Tell your principal how much appreciate your area librarian and how important she is to your library. 

Vickie Chicow stated that she learned there is no requirement for Principal for the Day, and it is up to the principal of the school to decide what they want.  Ask your principal would she be proud if Mayor Daily did a stand up presentation in your library.  Use that example. It is your job to promote your library.

Let's recognize those principals who do promote the library.  Nestle Waters will pay for a school bus for your field trip when you collect enough water labels, about 1,000.  Irish would like your water labels.

Lisa Perez, CPS Area Librarian and Professional Librarian, introduced the newly remodeled Professional Library at the Dept. of Libraries. See their website and wiki for complete details.

Ione Graves is the representative of Perma-Bound books.  She had Joel Buchannan, IT Specialist, give instruction on how to use their new iCatalog.  Thanks to Merril Stegall, CPDUs were given to those who attended.  It is easy to order from the Perma-Bound website thanks to their new custom Chicago webpage:  For more information, call 1 800-637-6581.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary