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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of October 23, 2010

The meeting was hosted by Follett Library Resources and held at the Marriott–Chicago Medical District on Ashland Av. and Harrison St. The meeting was called to order by President Carolyn Brna at 9:00. She began by thanking Andy Larsen and Derrek Lyons for representing Follett and hosting the breakfast meeting. It was noted that they both attended the School Library Journal’s 2010 Leadership Summit at the Marriott–Downtown on N. Michigan Av.; in turn, their President & CEO Chuck Follett is a keynote speaker at the two day conference this morning and Follett is a Conference Sponsor. On the Conference website, it talks about the push for e-books: "While there’s a lot about books and reading that remains constant, we’re experiencing a sea change. For starters, ebooks and other digital content have challenged the basic notion of what constitutes reading and books. There’s also been a proliferation of handheld reading devices, like the Kindle and iPad; social networking is often the go-to resource for discovering and discussing books; and new formats, like graphic novels, are changing the traditional reading landscape." Carolyn stated that the November meeting will be at Connie's Restaurant and hosted by Kori Kubitz and Capstone Publishers. The December meeting is open for requests, since there is no vendor who can afford to host the meeting. In January, Children's Plus will again host their spectacular meeting at Maggiano's on Grand Av. In addition, the Feb., March, and April meetings are also open. Charlie Gunn recommended meetings at the Dept.'s Professional Library. No one from the Dept. was able to attend today's meeting for any confirmation. Carolyn then spoke in detail about her recent trips to Texas and to the Florida Keys, which included the annual convention of The Society of School Librarians International (SSLI). A benefit of SSLI is receiving free books to review and rate.

Derrek had a presentation projected on a screen and talked about grants available on their Titlewave website! He also addressed the problems some librarians reported they were experiencing with their orders and processing through SOAR. In reply, Derrek said that they have tried to solve the problems quickly with CPS' custom barcoding requirements, and he said he would personally help resolve any individual cases.

Andy then introduced Katy Nielson, who is the Education Director at CityLit Theater. Katy gave a nice presentation of how CityLit company members can come to schools and do adaptations of literature. Katy also spoke about recently directed and performed with her troupe at CPL branches plus suburban libraries for ALA's Banned Books Week. Katy named the Top 10 banned children's books and what was controversial about them.

Andy then introduced our keynote speaker Claudia Guadalupe Martinez. Claudia lives near Little Village in Chicago, but she grew up in Texas, which is the setting for her semi-autobiographical book The Smell of Old Lady Perfume. This is Claudia only book, but she is working on her second one. Claudia spoke passionately about allowing all writers to express their inner voice, especially those who are traditionally underrepresented and excluded. In turn, Claudia highlighted censorship by institutional publishers that ignore controversial issues that youth struggle with. Her book's theme centered around bullying in school and how we need to teach tolerance and mutual understanding. She made her book available for sale at a discounted price and then signed each copy. Claudia also spoke about her process of writing a book, for example, she starts out with a title. Claudia answered any questions.

Andy then figured out a fair way to distributed all their books on display as attendance prizes. Each table was assigned a number 1-8, and then one number was pulled at a time for those attendees to go pick their free books.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45.

Respectfully Submitted,
Natalie Zaccagnini (with help from C. Gunn)
Recording Secretary