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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of September 6, 2003

Usborne Books' School and Library Services hosted the meeting. We met at Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant, 516 N. Clark Street.  Mrs. Viki Chikow gave the opening presentation.  She stated that Usborne Books are on the approved list of purchaser for the Chicago Public Schools.  Usborne provide over 1,200 titles, PK-12 library-bound books.  They give personalized, local customer service.  They have 20% discount on orders of $250. or more.  Library processing services are available with a generous replacement policy. They participate in Illinois Textbook Loan Fund.  Their titles are aligned with Illinois State Learning Standards.  And their presentation gives CPDU credit for teachers.  They give Book Fairs with no work for staff or volunteers and 50% of free books for sales of $500.  They have “Reach for the Stars”, a pledge-based reading incentive program.  Other presenters were Howard Shapiro and Steve Wiebe. The producers of WeeBee Tunes Travel Adventures. 

Ann Adams, CTLA President, introduced our officers for this school year.  The treasurer reported and ending balance of  August 31st to be $3,713.23.  Kathy Ryan, the Director of Information Services of CPS, gave remarks on the event we had at IIT this August.  It was the best turn-out we had and next year it will be even better.  The popular sessions will be repeated and Barbara Fields sessions, title "Librarians are Teachers, Too: Correlating Library Lessons with Curriculum Objectives" will be expanded to ½ day.  New schools will open. If you are interested, call your area librarian to find what new schools are to open this year.  A new itinerary was created this August in the Office of Instruction and School Management and we are a part of that.  We will have a vender list that we will go with for ordering books.  We cannot choose avender not on that list. There will be a transition period of which Kathy Ryan will be involved in getting what we need when we need it.  The Department of Libraries will be involved on the process of choosing the approved venders. Take advantage of the Matching Grant session that is on the calendar.  Grants will be available. Marge Fashing gave the History moment. Ann Adams suggested that we write our congressmen for support.  We should have a right to get a waiver for every book the venders do not have.  Our next meeting will be at the Holiday Inn, sponsored by Richard Simmons.

August 28, 2003 Report:

The CPS Department of Libraries and Information Services sponsored “Getting Back To School!” at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Herman Union building (HUB), 3241 So. Federal, Chicago, Ill. 60616.  It was from 8:30am to 2:30 pm.  The agenda consisted of coffee and registration, Opening remarks by Kathy Ryan, director of the CPS Department of Libraries and Information Services. Jean Wilkins, director of the Illinois State Library gave the introduction and comments.  Dr Junko Yokota of the National Louis University was the Keynote Speaker.  We had lunch with author Janet Wong.  She was available to sign copies of her books.  The meeting consists of four sessions and evaluations and CPDUs forms were distributed.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary