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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of September 11, 2004

Vera Bunting introduced CTLA officers, and stated that our next meeting will be... Sat., 10-2-04 at Galleria Marchette, 815 W. Erie.

Rochelle Wooding announced that the State Board of Ed’s prior CPDU plans should be thrown away and the only item that has to be submitted is the reflection statement.  You must still take 22 CPDUS for Special Ed.  Submit all documents at Room 309 at Medill Center.

Rochelle also announced… Spotlight on Chicago Cultural Center on Oct. 13-14 at 7 pm.

Web Feet is a website prepared by librarians.  It has web sites that have library activities, holiday and art activities.

Fran Herron announced the Dominican University GenTL master’s degree program for librarians.  It pays for tuition, conferences, professional organization membership, a lap top and conference fees. Tuition Payment is 40% by Dominican, 40% by IMLS (Ill Museum and Library Services), and 20% by the student.

Woodra Scott announced that Kathy Ryan had resigned; Paul Whitsitt is the acting director.  The Dept. is looking for a region librarian to take Jackie Crook’s place.  

Woodra Scott has Areas 1, 7, 11, 14, and 15. Fran Herron has Areas 8, 10, 12, and 13.

ISLMA Conference is Nov. 4- 6 in Arlington Heights, IL  

Creative Classroom Workshop Sat., Sept. 18th at Whitney Young High School.

Charlie Gunn announced that CTLA membership expires in October of every year. CTLA’s website is and has membership info, e-mail addresses, schedules, the treasurer’s report, meeting info., and much more. Please send website content to him.  

Edie Sokolnicki gave the treasurer’s report.
Silent Auction Proceeds: $691.00
Disbursements: $465.24
Balance: $3567.57

Viki Noe Chikow discussed the Ill. School Textbook Program is allocating $40 per student.  It runs from 10- 15 through 12- 15- 04.   She’s offering… an expansion of service, personalized service, mini book fairs, teacher in-services with 1 CPDU credit and she’ll set up the display.  She offers grant writing to buy Usborne books.   Usborne has Ten Terrific Weeks- a themed collection of books with 30- 60 minutes of activities for five weeks. Her company has Usborne which will link you to various educational websites. has CPS standards based instruction guidelines and documents; it will link you to other external resources.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary