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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of September 30, 2006

Rainbow was proud to host our CTLA September meeting of 2006. It was located at the Marriott Chicago Medical District, 625 South Ashland Avenue. Free parking was compliments of the Rainbow Book Company. We had a full breakfast, books, gifts and a special guest speaker.

Irish Bain, our president opened the meeting with the installation of officers. Woodra Scott conducted the ceremony for the 2006-2007 CTLA school year. Bonny Hill read the minutes of our June meeting. Edie, the treasure reported an ending balance of $3,470.60. Charles Gunn had membership forms. The $10.00 membership fee has not changed. He reminded us that the forms are on our website and that it is kept up-to-date. We have 190 members. Marge Fashing gave the history moment. She stated that officers, constitution and by-laws are available on our website. She attended the Chicago Science Fair Exposition and stated that Mae Jemison will make a presentation at Navy Pier on Black Women in Science. Check out "Black Pioneers of Science and Inventors", even though it has a 1970 copyright. She suggested that you make a list of good old books you should not throw away.

Irish mentioned that we have to make changes and should take a look at how we handle our retirees. We need your input. E-mail us and let us know if you are coming up for retirement. There are forms for librarians who are challenged on book selection on the Department's website. There is a policy and process for challenging a librarian/school. Joan Gerig is looking for a retired librarian as an assistant to work two days a week at Providence-St. Mel. Dr. Gayles Evans announced that Chicago State University is extending their extension classes to Northeastern (Joliet), and the Merchandise Mart. Call her at 773-995-2503 or see Woodra Scott. Melva Samuels gave the fax number for Book-a-Mania: 312-747-4969. It will be November 18 at the Harold Washington Library. The Library card campaign will end October 13. The area library community meetings will be in October. There will be a workshop for new librarians. Get in touch with your area librarian. Bernadette Nowakowski, director of Children and Young Adult Services of CPL is looking for librarians to work part-time as Teen Volume Book Discussion Moderator. Call (312) 747-4780. There is the CTLA 21 grant for anyone interested in going to library school, call 553-6216. Join the listserv and give your input. The Links-to-Literacy breakfast will be October 26. There will be matching grants this year. There is a new vendor's list, which you may feel free to choose from. Islam is having their event in November. Gage Park at 6630 S Rockwell needs a high school librarian: call 535-9230 ext. 124. The ALA conference catalog was sent to Irish. She will raffle it off at our next meeting. Visit our website at for meeting information. Encourage new members to stay and invite others to come. Make reservations in advance to prevent overflow.

Mickey Simmons, Mark Sherman, David Sherman and Tim Carimark from Rainbow Books represented fifty plus publishers with a full range of fiction and non-fiction titles, including Spanish and bilingual titles. Books were on display of just released 2007 copyrights. The special guest speaker for the meeting was Sally M. Walker. Recently, Ms. Walker was given the prestigious Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Award for her title, "Secrets of A Civil War Submarine: Solving the Mysteries of the H.L. Hunley." Ms. Walker appeared courtesy of Lerner Books. She is from Dekaib and taught at Northern IL. University. She has also authored "The 18 Penny Goose", "Bessie Coleman: Daring to Fly", and many science books. Everyone present received a free copy of this book with the author's signature, a calendar, ballpoint pen and CPDU credit was also given out. More people than expected showed up. We were reminded to make reservations when planning to attend. It is important to note that Rainbow the Book Company has been approved as a professional development provider. The provider number is 102634. Rainbow books was selected as one of the approved venders.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary