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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of September 29, 2007

Our September CTLA meeting was located at the Chicago Marriott Medical District/UIC, 625 S. Ashland Ave. Free parking was compliments of our host Rainbow Books. They were proud to provide us with full breakfast, books and a special guest speaker, Jamie Gilson.

Our president, Mary Hebda, opened the meeting with the installation of our new officers for this school year. Marge Fashing gave the history moment. She stated that one of the nicest things we have is our web site. When you click on members you find that our past presidents are listed. You may e-mail Marge to give any information you have about them. A lot of this is a part of our history. Log on Abe Books, Inc. It is a commercial site for out-of-print books, along with rare, used and new.

Mark Sherman, President, was excited to be here to serve us. This is their 11th year with Rainbow Books. They started out with only 300 books and now have over 45,000 titles and software available. They bring out only their newest ones to show you. They give free shipping and free processing. This is one stop shopping. Mickey Simmons has served CPS for over 10 years. David Sherman buys every book they sell. Mark also introduced John Vana, a new Chicago rep. They feel that people don’t care how much you know, unless they know how much you care.

Our guest speaker, Jamie Gilson, is the author of nineteen humorous novels for children. She loves talking about books and gets her ideas from talking to children. When they come to her, she writes what they say and what she sees. Her favorite child is Richard, a 2nd grader who have given her many ideas; one of which is her book titled “Harvey the Beer Can King” published in 1978. She also wrote “Do Bananas Chew Gum?”, “Thirteen Ways to Sink a Sub”, “4-B Goes Wild”, “Hello”, “My Name is Scrambled Eggs, and “It Goes Eeeeeeeeeeeee!” She read to us a portion of her most recent book title “Gotcha !” published in 2006. We received a signed copy of this book. Her next book is “Chess! I love it! I love it! I love it!” scheduled for spring of 2008. Jamie has received the Carl Sandburg Award, the Society of Midland Authors Award, and seven state child-voted awards from Florida to the Pacific Northwest. In 2005 she won the Illinois Reading Council’s first Prairie State Award for Excellence in Writing for Children. CPDU credit was available. Rainbow Book Company has been approved as a professional development provider. Their provider number is 102634. You may reach them at or phone 847-581-0067. They represent 50+ publishers with a full range of fiction and non-fiction titles, including major and complete selections of Spanish bilingual titles.

Announcements: Charlie had membership forms. Membership is $10.00 and may now be paid on-line on our website. Our treasurer report was given by Mary Hebda, and we have an August ending balance of $4,050.85. The library card campaign ends Oct. 12th. The 28th Annual Children's Literature Conference is March 14-15th, 2008 and hosted by the Northern Illinois University's College of Education. Register at or call 815-753-0277 or call 815-753-3005 for general info. Kimberly Boyd, area librarian, gave the Department's monthly report: ISLMA Conference in Springfield, Illinois is Nov. 2nd-3rd. A CPS Charter bus will be leaving Medill on November 1st. It is free to those who call there area librarian to place their names on the list. The Chicago Public Library has positions available for teachers wishing to work part time or full time if retired for afterschool programs. Contact the Department of Libraries. Matching Grant applications are due. If you did not receive your packet on August 31st at the Back-to-School Dept. of Libraries Orientation Day, contact your area librarian.

Our next CTLA meeting will be hosted by Perma-Bound Books at the Parrot Cage Restaurant by reservation only. There is limited seating for 50 dinners.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maude Muhammad
Recording Secretary