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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of September 26, 2009

The meeting was hosted by Rainbow Books at the Marriot in a lower level conference room. A buffet breakfast was served. The members were able to socialize with each other and speak with the company representatives. The meeting was called to order by Annie Culverson, outgoing President. She welcomed and thanked everyone for coming. The morning meeting began with an introduction of our new 2009-2010 President, Tatiana Novy. Annie Culverson led the installation rites of the new officers. An explanation of all officer duties were given as a lit candle was passed to each new officer.

Tatiana Novy, our newly installed President, asked for a moment of silence for Donna Kelly, who was a long-time librarian from Walt Disney Magnet School and just retired two years ago. Alyce Miller, the new Recording Secretary will send a card to her family on behalf of CTLA. Tatiana also appointed Althea Johnson to be today's substitute Recording Secretary for Alyce Miller.

Reports by the Membership Secretary and Treasurer were given. The membership list and finances are posted on our website. Charles Gunn informed us that our November meeting hosted by Kori Kubitz is the same date as Report Card Conference Day for elementary schools, and so the date will be changed.

The Department of Libraries' report was given by K. C. Boyd. She asked all librarians to fill out a school library survey on their website. The Department will sponsor a road trip, to ISLMA, if enough sign up. It is also time for the Matching Grant program applications to be completed. The elementary Battle of the Books will began on October 15.

The meeting was turned over to Mark Sherman, President of Rainbow Books. He welcomed everyone and introduced his staff, including his two Chicago sales reps.: Mickey Simmons and Larry Klaber, who is new this year. Mark stated that Rainbow Books just finalized their on-line ordering capability with CPS Dept. of Purchasing and their Oracle database for easy "punch-out" P.O.'s for the clerks. Mark then introduced our keynote speaker, Marlene Targ Brill. Marlene discussed her life as a writer after being a special education teacher in Chicago in the '70s. She has written 67 books in non-fiction and historical fiction for ages pre-school to adult, including Barack Obama: President for a New Era. Everyone received a copy of this book, which Marlene personally autographed, thanks to the generosity of Rainbow Books.

Respectfully Submitted,
Althea Johnson
Substitute Recording Secretary