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Minutes for the CTLA Meeting of September 19, 2015

Meeting Place: Goethe Elementary School Library, 2236 N. Rockwell

Time: 9:30-11:45AM

Host: Mackin Educational Resources, represented by Chas Sima, and Goethe Elementary School represented by Marcia Mariscal, Teacher-Librarian

CTLA celebrated the start of a new school year with our first meeting at Edwards Elementary School.  We began our meeting with membership renewal.  The principal of Goethe gave CTLA a warm, supportive welcome.  During breakfast, CTLA members enjoyed socializing and catching up with fellow librarians and friends. Charlie Gunn, President, greeted everyone, recognized the current 2015-16 officers, and asked everyone present (about 25) to introduce herself.

There are many wonderful professional development opportunities scheduled throughout the year by the CPS Department of Literacy: Libraries.  Check the DLIS calendar for up-to-date information and remember to sign up in CPSU!

We also discussed the wealth of information shared during the "Librarians Lead the Way" Back to School Professional Development Event held on September 4, 2015.  Check the event page for resources, presentation slides, and handouts.


Here are notes from Chas Sima (at with cell: 312-550-9864 or office toll-free: 800-245-9540) regarding the various topics he presented:

- $50 off any order of $500 or more, expires 12.31.15.

- Steps on how to access Battle of the Books, multi-cultural and urban ebooks and print books; along with any other Chicago lists already created.

- Directions on how to place a Mackin order on CPS MarketPlace.

- How to access MackinVIA using SOAR.

- 50% off promotion on Britannica Ebooks, expires 12.31.15.

In addition, Chas provided a few special links to their website:

- This is the 7 minute video demonstration of MackinVIA:

- This is the link for all of our promotional items:

- This is the link for Grant information:

- This is the link for eMackin, publisher showcase, news, grants, interviews, etc:

For librarians seeking a teacher-librarian position, check the Wiki for schools seeking a teacher-librarian or contact Colleen Lambe-Herman at:

Everyone left the meeting with a raffle prize provided by June Andalcio.

Respectfully Submitted,
Charlie Gunn
President (Acting Recording Secretary)