2013-2014 CTLA Meeting Activity Photos
from September, 2013 to April, 2014
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CTLA November Meeting
Our eighth meeting was held on April 26 at Bronzeville Children's Museum, 9301 S. Stony Island Ave., in their meeting room. The Bronzeville Children's Museum is the first and only African American children's museum in the country. The museum was founded on August 20, 1993. The museum is designed for children to engage in learning through hands-on activities. Their philosophy of building children's minds is reinforced by a unique guided tour format that emphasizes the educational message each exhibit is designed to achieve, which is critical to ensuring that the hands-on play experience imparts knowledge so children remember what they learned and not just that they had time to play. The exhibits are designed for children ages 3 to 9. A continental breakfast with plenty of food and beverages was provided. Viki Noe Chikow, CTLA Member, shared her journey from long-time CPS vendor to published author and what she’s learned along the way. She talked about her award-winning series, Friend Grief, and how the books have enabled her to meet some remarkable people. She also shared tips on how librarians can get books for free direct from publishers, web sites that need savvy book reviewers (like you!), and why CTLA has been such an inspiration to her. Everyone received a free copy of the first book in her series, Friend Grief and Anger: When Your Friend Dies and No One Gives A Damn. Her books, freelance articles and reviews can be found on her website, www.FriendGrief.com. Everyone is encourage to visit this City treasure with classes, families, and groups!

CTLA November Meeting
Our seventh meeting was held on March 8 at Edwards Elementary School, 4815 S. Karlov Ave., in their main library. Our host was Follett Library Resources, who has graciously hosted meetings for 30+ years. Our hosts were Chicago Sales Consultants Chris Truby (x3741 or ctruby@follett.com) serving Chicago south of Archer Ave (standing to the right) and Greg Brouman (x3709 or gbrouman@follett.com) serving Chicago north of Archer Ave (standing to the left). Follett was extremely generous with a display of over 300 books that were given away to all the attendees, which meant everyone left with ten or more books. In addition, they treated us to a full continental breakfast and showed us all their TitleWave tools, which are industry leading. In particular, TitleWave can analyze current school collections and help weed and address gaps. Follett also showcased their eBook selection in the CPS Virtual Library at www.cps.edu/library. Lisa Perez, CPS Library Coordinator, gave updates about CPS and emphasized that libraries continue to be cut, for example, Payton College Prep no longer has a librarian. Finally, we had our Annual Penny Auction (renamed Spring Cleaning due to its March date) led by June Andalcio.

Children's Plus

Our sixth meeting was a luncheon on a snowy February 1 at the popular venue Wildfire Grill, 159 W. Erie St. and hosted by Children's Plus! Children's Plus again treated us to a three-course feast, this year including Cedar Planked Salmon and Bourbon Tenderloin Tips! Though Kevin and Dan Walsh were servicing the company out-of-town and sent their regrets, they were represented by five staff members including their Director of Sales, Margaret Finnigan. Today's meeting highlighted their STEM collections with an emphasis on GEMS thanks to keynote speaker Andrea Beaty (pictured above). Andrea read her book Rosie Revere, Engineer, which honored the contributions of Rosie the Riveter during WWII and her can-do spirit and ability. Andrea also referenced her award-winning Iggy Peck, Architect. Every attendee received a hardcover copy of one book that Andrea personally signed. As introduced, Andrea "has a great ability to integrate science and technology into intriguing stories. Be forewarned: books such as these may inspire young visionaries to pursue their passions!" Children's Plus has an on-line STEM brochure downloadable at: childrensplusinc.com/pdfs/STEMinRealWorld.pdf Children's Plus prides itself on it books that are "bound to be the best" and handcrafted in their own bindery! As always, they will work to provide the best customer service with free shipping and unattached processing.

CTLA November Meeting
Our fifth meeting was a professional development meeting on January 11 at Westinghouse College Prep at 3223 W. Franklin Blvd. and hosted by CTLA and the Dept. of Libraries, thanks to Lisa Perez, CPS Library Coordinator and CTLA Member! Thanks to the Westinghouse librarian Jean Scheda, we were able to use their state-of-the-art media lab attached to their Media Center. A continental breakfast was served including fresh cut fruit, donuts, juice, and coffee. Lisa, pictured above, gave a terrific presentation on writing librarian lesson plans with on-line tools and then posting them to the CPS DLIS folder (library@cps.edu) with time provided to practice all the steps. We asked Lisa, "Do we teach 'library skills'?" Her answer, "Yes, but not in isolation. Teach information literacy, research, and technology skills as part of a standards-based lesson. Use backwards-design principles. Start with the standards, especially ELA (literacy)."

CTLA November Meeting
Our third meeting was a dinner meeting on November 21 at Connie's Italian Restaurant at 2373 S. Archer Ave. and hosted by Kori Kubitz and her partners Jo Ann Flournoy and Sally Comfort. Kori provided non-stop delicious Connie's favorites starting with their pizza and then working through a three course meal ending with an assortment of desserts! It was a pre-Thanksgiving feast and celebration thanks to Kori! The theme of the meeting was Blackhawks hockey and their 2013 Stanley Cup World Championship! Each attendee received a book bag of six hockey and fall topical books along with give-aways and prizes of hockey novelty items. Kori gave a PowerPoint presentation on all their top-of-the-line services from Capstone Books, plus other publishers, such as Rosen and Heinemann-Raintree. Kori cited an article "No, Paper Isn’t Dead", which states: "The demise of paper has been predicted for a century, said Nicholas Carr, but the end is nowhere in sight." Thanks to this fabulous meeting, over 50 members joined or renewed! CTLA thanks Kori and Capstone Books for their tremendous generosity towards teacher-librarians and literary in Chicago!

CTLA November Meeting
Our second meeting of the school year was October 26 at Providence Englewood Charter School at 6515 S. Ashland Ave. and hosted by their teacher-librarian and our Vice-President Jami Rhue Griffin. She is pictured above describing how her libary is also a full computer lab. A continental breakfast with donuts from a local store, coffee, and juice. Dorsey Chambers represented the Dept. of Libraries. Lisa highlighted the CPS Google Drive location for librarians to post library lesson plans. Dorsey also mentioned the American Association of School Librarians' lesson plan database. She stated that librarians should try to get on curriculum committees or the Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) to stay relevant to the core needs of the school. Finally, Dorsey urged everyone to use the Department's handy website to stay up-to-date! CTLA also recognized Turk Glazebrook, who retired after 16 years as the Perma-Bound rep. for Chicago. Turk's colleague Ione Graves and CTLA Historian Marge Fashing spoke on behalf of Turk and saluted his honorable work. Turk said that retirement is like six Saturdays followed by a Sunday. There was a raffle donated by Marge and June.

CTLA November Meeting
Our first meeting of the new school year was September 28 at Greene Elementary School at 3525 S. Honore St and hosted by Steve Jarrell of Mackin Educational Resources and by our CTLA President Marie Szyman, Greene Librarian. Steve is shown above highlighting Mackin books and stating that they will meet or beat any price with great customer service. In addition, we stated that they have many bi-lingual books. A delicious breakfast was served of local Mexican breakfast favorites along with bagels, coffee, and juice. Lisa Perez represented the Dept. of Libraries, which currently has no Director. Lisa highlighted their calendar of events and especially focused on technology integration, such as iPad uses. Lisa is also the President of ICE-CAP, and she shared some of their events. Lisa urged everyone to use the Department's handy website to stay up-to-date! Marie talked about her mission to provide great books to all her students to love reading. Members then shared many tips and suggestions for Hispanic Heritage Month activities and technology integration.