2014-2015 CTLA Meeting Activity Photos
from October, 2014 to April, 2015

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Perma-Bound MeetingOur eighth meeting of the school year was April 18 at Lincoln-Belmont Public Library Branch. Our host was Britannica Educational Corp. featuring all their on-line digital library resource called "Britannica School" leveled for elementary, middle, and high school and also in spanish! CPS already has a subscription to many of the products. More details on the schedule page!

Perma-Bound MeetingOur seventh meeting of the school year was March 21 at Pizza Capri in Hyde Park. Our host was Children's Plus, Inc. Our guest speaker was Kate Hannigan, author of Cupcake Cousins series and upcoming The Detective's Assistant with more books on the way! More details to come!Perma-Bound MeetingOur sixth meeting of the school year was February 21 at Curie Metro High School, 4959 S. Archer Ave. We met in the main library and were welcomed by Carmen Adams, their teacher-librarian. Carmen reviewed the layout of the library and common student services. For community service hours, she asks students to write book reviews for SOAR. Our host was Norwood House Press represented by Founder, President & Publisher, Patti Hall (standing) and Director of Field Sales, Don Hull (sitting to her side). President Laura Gaytán called the meeting to order and made announcements. Colleen Herman from the Dept. of Literacy: Libraries spoke about upcoming events, including the ICE Tech Conference Feb. 25-27 and Tech Talk on April 3 at Lane Tech. H. S. Don then spoke about Norwood House Press that is located in Norwood Park here in Chicago and how the Norwood House approach is common core curriculum-centered. He introduced Patti who did a book talk about all their very relevant series, which all have an eBook option. She has built up the company in ten years and sells through all the Chicago resale jobbers. All books presented were evenly gifted to the attendees, along with a catalog, novelty items, and a filling continental breakfast. At the end, we honored Ann Adams, who served twice as President. Her funeral program was distributed highlighting her tremendous life of love and service!Perma-Bound MeetingOur fifth meeting of the school year was January 10 at Archer Heights Public Library branch, 5055 S. Archer Ave. Our host was Perma-Bound Books represented by Ione Graves (standing) and her sister Marcia Thomas (sitting to her side), replacing Turk Glazebrook, who retired last year. President Laura Gaytán welcomed everyone and made announcements. Ione serves CPS north of Cermak Rd. and Marcia serves CPS south of Cermak Rd. Marcia gave an overview of Perma-Bound's special collection lists in addition to their "iCatalog" for easy order selection. Ione had a tribute to the late Walter Dean Myers and all his award-winning youth-centered books. Everyone received a free Perma-Bound Walter Dean Myers book, plus other goodies such as a 2015 children's author birthday calendar. There was also a full hot breakfast served by their other sister Lorraine. Perma-Bound Books is a full service jobber and an approved CPS vendor. For more meeting details, please see our minutes on our Minutes Page.
Follett MeetingOur fourth meeting of the school year was at National Museum of Mexican Art, 1852 West 19th St., Chicago on Saturday morning, December 10 and sponsored by Follett School Solutions, represented by Chicago Sales Consultants: Gregory Brouman (for north City of Chicago) and Julie Zak (for south City of Chicago). They are both pictured at the end of the table giving a thorough review of their TitleWave comprehensive on-line resources. Follett is a Chicago area company with a special interest in the Chicago service area. Everyone received a hardcover Follett-bound book and was invited to tour the museum exhibits. For more meeting details, please see our minutes on our Minutes Page.
Kori Kubitz MeetingOur third meeting of the school year was at Connie's Restaurant on Archer Ave. on Thursday evening, November 20 and sponsored by Kori Kubitz & Associates including JoAnn Flournoy. Kori featured her Capstone Press and Rosen Publishing. In particular, she highlighted Pebble in the photo above (the first nonfiction research series for emergent readers), Graphic Library (the first nonfiction graphic novel series), and You Choose Books (the first nonfiction interactive history books), as well as websites FactHound.com™ (the first publisher-provided internet resource for elementary students) and CapstoneKids.com™ (a free educational website for kids). Everyone received a gift bag with five new hardcover books. Kori provided everyone with full appetizers and a full dinner and dessert plates. In addition, Kori had plenty of crafts to make-and-take centered around her theme of art and content creation. Everyone left with many generous goodies! For more meeting details, please see our minutes on our Minutes Page.

Rainbow Books MeetingOur second meeting of the school year was at Little Village Branch Library on Saturday morning, October 11 and sponsored by Rainbow Books Company led by Mickey Simmons and Tim Carlmark. Our featured speaker was children's librarian and children's author Natalie Ziarnik pictured above reading her book Madeleine’s Light: A Story of Camille Claudel. The book is illustrated by Robert Dunn. Natalie explained the process of writing, which needs daily practice and revision. Everyone received her book that Natalie signed with a custom message. Natalie also brought modeling clay for everyone to do a hands-on activity to experience sculpting, such as forming a bird. For more meeting details, please see our minutes on our Minutes Page.