2015-2016 CTLA Meeting Activity Photos
from September, 2015 to April, 2016

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Below is our April 2 morning meeting at Richard J. Daley (Bridgeport) Library hosted by Scholastic Education with Bernie Grant-Hill, Sales Manager (pictured below)! Bernie provided a full spread of breakfast treats and drinks. Bernie represented Scholastic and their broad appeal to schools, as demonstrated in her literacy calendar to help teachers, families, and community unite for student success. In turn, she highlighted each service and product with hands-on simulations in a workshop format. All attendees left with many useful ideas to integrate literacy into school and home life with plenty of hand-outs and books! Scholastic is known for their Reading Club, Book Fairs, Scholastic News and other classroom magazines, Warehouse Sales, eStoria, Read 360, Reading Counts, and many other products... now they are definitely known for Scholastic Education!
Kori Kubitz November 2015Below is our March 12 lunch meeting at Sulzer Regional Library hosted by Rainbow Books Company with Linda Peterson, Sales Rep., and Tim Carlmark, Sales Manager (pictured below)! Seated in front are the author Jeanette Joy and illustrator J. R. Ralph of The Playground Tree (front cover projected on wall screen). About 30 attendees each received a signed copy of the book, which promotes the multiple benefits of trees and outdoor education. In this story, we follow the life and impact of an ash tree on children at a school. The tree succombs to the Emerald Ash Borer, but it lives on as wood for school tables. The lunch included pizza favorites with salad, fruit, drinks, and dessert. Linda and Tim both spoke about their excellent customer service and ability to bring books to a school or location for review with guaranteed free shipping and processing. Dorsey Chambers spoke for the Dept. of Literacy: Libraries and Information Services about many upcoming event listed on their website: cpslibraries.wikispaces.com and in their weekly newsletters.
Kori Kubitz November 2015Below is our February 20 breakfast meeting at Roosevelt Branch Library hosted by Norwood House Press and Patti Hall, Publisher and President (pictured below)! Breakfast treats were provided by Panera Bread with plenty of coffee and juice. Patti displayed some of her newly released fall 2015 books among her 600 company titles. She stated that Norwood House Press tries to release about 60 new titles each fall to participate in the back-to-school excitement. Patti gave a book talk about each series. Patti gave away all the books shown. A featured author is Margaret Hillert, who recently passed away at age 93 with unpublished manuscripts. Norwood Press will publish those titles and remake over 50 earlier titles from the 1960s with new covers to preserve her work for a new generation. Before Norwood House Press, Patti helped to form Compass Point Books and was also handled book procurement for Marshall Fields.
Kori Kubitz November 2015

Below is our January 23 luncheon meeting at Tuscany's Restaurant on Taylor Street and hosted by Children's Plus. There was a nice turn-out of 65 members and literacy staff guests. The four-course meal was an italian food treat and enjoyed by all! Pictured below is the featured children's author Leisl Shirtliff, who spoke about her path to publishing and her perserverance to try new ideas. She stated that the two most critical roles for successful schools stem from the principal and the librarian. She stated that the library is the center of the school to encouage a love and affinity to books. Each attendee received her Children's Plus library-bound quality book: JACK: The True Story of Jack & the Beanstalk, Liesl happily signed each copy. Charlie Gunn lamented about Colleen Lambe-Herman's lay-off from the Department of Literacy: Libraries the day before and how she would be deeply missed. Colleen had a huge support role city-wide, especially with curriculum, technology and communications. Our membership led by Michaels Saelens will write a letter to the Central Office regardinig the great loss of Colleen and her vital role to make CPS libraries vibrant and a gold standard. Her absence was immediately felt, since she was scheduled to represent the Department at this meeting for updates!
Kori Kubitz November 2015

Below is our November 19 meeting at Connie's Restaurant and hosted by Kori Kubitz & Associates representing Capstone Publishing and all their imprints. The theme was dinosaurs and each table was decorated with dinosaur artifacts! Kori highlighted all the Capstone services, including library, digital, professional, and classroom! As always, she gave each attendee a bag of books with her super generous spirit. The dinner included a three-course meal of italian favorites! Dorsey Chambers from the Department of Literacy: Libraries gave us updates from the Department and reminded everyone to check their Weekly Newsletter for many upcoming events! Marge Fashing donated a $200 Capstone gift certificate as a raffle prize to a CPS library in honor and memory of Ann Adams. Charlie Gunn remined everyone to verify their e-mail address for accurate communications and invited new officers to join the Board!
Kori Kubitz November 2015

Please review our meeting minutes from our September 19 meeting hosted by Mackin. Chas Sima has shared many document and links for great offers and products. Below left, Charlie Gunn salutes Goethe principal Barbara Kargas standing left of Marcia Mariscol, Goethe teacher-librarian, for their extraordinary support of libraries and meeting site! Below right, Chas Sima presents all the Mackin services and products!
CTLA Sept15 Meeting    CTLA Sept15 Meeting